It sounds paradoxical but true. The more agreements Macedonia signs with Bulgaria, the worse their relations are. Starting with the good-neighborly agreement between Zaev and Borisov, then the hugs between Petkov and Kovacevski, up to the French proposal, the relations between the two countries have never been worse.

In the meantime, we also had several agreements on the agreed or so-called annexes, which if we ever start the negotiations, we will see how much damage they have caused us. It is not for nothing that it is said that “the devil is in the details” or in what is written in the fine print.

That the two NATO members have the worst relations since independence was also seen at the observance of the birth anniversary of the Macedonian revolutionary Gove Delcev. On Saturday, Skopje looked like a war zone, as if they were preparing for a landing operation from above or an occupation from within.

That is why we ask the government not to sign any more agreements with the eastern neighbor, the ones we have signed have caused us enough damage that we will not recover from for a long time.

Osmani and Kovacevski will leave, but the consequences will remain.