Ahmeti and Kovacevski with crime in sports as well, Naumce Mojsovski, on suspicion of embezzlement of a billion denars, should resign immediately, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The Anti-Corruption Commission determined that Naumce Mojsovski, as the director of the Agency for Youth and Sports, as well as the Commission appointed by the government, committed abuse in the voucher system for allocating money to sports clubs and federations, for which Mojsovski received criminal charges. Instead of dismissing him immediately, Kovacevski keeps Mojsovski in the position, thus enabling him to continue with the crime he is charged with. There are doubts that the fund of money with which Mojsovski operated, of almost 1 billion denars, ended up with clubs and federations according to the principle of favoritism, and the choice was made at the suggestion of political parties.

Why doesn’t Kovacevski replace Mojsovski, and does that just show that he too is part of the distribution system?

There is no sector left in the country where there is no crime, with Kovacevski and Ahmeti, Macedonia is sinking. All officials are copies of the leaders who appointed them.