Soon after the information that the Anti-Corruption Commission requested criminal charges against Naumce Mojsovski, the president of the Macedonian Olympic Committee (MOC), Daniel Dimevski, requested the dismissal of the current president of the Agency for Youth and Sports and suspension of the 2023 vouchers.


MOC president Daniel Dimevski, reacted with a letter to the Government and Deputy Prime Minister Slavica Grkovska, pointing out the poor performance of the Agency for Youth and Sports.

In the letter, he says that all illegal acts, which unfortunately are a practice in the operation of the Agency for Youth and Sports, are precisely ascertained in the final report of the state audit office. It is about millions of sums distributed without any control and mechanisms, he adds..

He also says that the Agency for Youth and Sports is ranked 115th out of 120 places as a highly non-transparent organization which in itself says a lot.

We call on the Government and you personally, as the most responsible official for this sphere, to fulfill the publicly given promise of honest, responsible and transparent work of the officials elected and appointed by you and to dismiss the director and the committees appointed by him and to appoint new, honest and professional persons who will consistently apply the law, rules and criteria for allocating funds to all sports entities. Given that the procedure for awarding vouchers for 2023 is currently underway, we request an IMMEDIATE FREEZING OF THE PROCEDURE, until the appointment of the new members of the Central Commission. The responsibility for a quick and effective reaction is yours and is exclusively in your hands and there is no room for shifting the blame to the dysfunctional judicial system.