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Macedonia 27.08.21 | 14:51

89 percent of all new Covid-19 patients were unvaccinated

The Healthcare Ministry informed that of a little over 14,000 citizens who were diagnosed with Covid-19 in the past three weeks, 83 percent were unvaccinated. Of those who are hospitalized, 89 percent are unvaccinated. The Ministry also warns citizens who overcame the virus not to rest easy, since there...

Macedonia 10.07.21 | 15:04

The unusually large number of infections in children in Gevgelija is not caused by the coronavirus, Minister Filipce claims

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce assured parents in Gevgelija that the unusually large number of children who have respiratory issues in summer is not linked with the coronavirus. About five dozen children were treated over the past month for respiratory infections. Most of the cases were not difficult,...

Macedonia 07.10.20 | 15:51

Worst infection spike of the epidemic – 317 patients diagnosed in one day

The Healthcare Ministry revealed that the number of newly infected patients over the past 24 hours has reached 317 – the worst daily toll of the epidemic so far. This out of a total of 1,990 tests that were administered. Previously, the worst daily toll was 243 new patients. Four patients have...

Macedonia 29.05.20 | 11:19

Coronavirus spike: 58 newly diagnosed patients over one day

The number of newly infected Covid-19 patients in Macedonia grew by 58 in the past 24 hours – one of the highest such results in the past month. Macedonia saw a sharp decline in the newly diagnosed cases about a month ago, but now the numbers are going up again. The Faktor news site reports that...

Macedonia 13.12.19 | 17:37

New 56 cases of jaundice reported since September

The number of reported cases of jaundice since September rose to 56, which is almost twice as many compared to the same period in 2018. The cases are not directly related, except in one family, which had three patients. Due to the cases of illness several schools had to be disinfected.

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