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Economy 05.12.21 | 14:32

Arsovski: Innovation Fund gives money to people close to SDSM, did Rubinco Zarevski receive 2.7 million denars for a project?

While SDSM and the Innovation Fund are silent about certain scandalous so-called innovations, which they themselves call innovations, ie supported projects that they support with the citizens’ money, the same citizens whose money they spend are sinking into poverty every day, said VMRO- DPMNE spokesperson...

Macedonia 27.01.21 | 14:22

VMRO-DPMNE will propose criminal charges against SDSM propaganda chief Kosta Petrov

VMRO-DPMNE announced it is proposing criminal charges against the director of the Innovation Fund and SDSM party propaganda chief Kosta Petrov. Petrov was asked about a contract to produce promotional videos, even though, as was a pre-election pledge from the SDSM party, all PR campaigns ran by public...

Macedonia 16.01.21 | 18:14

Innovation Fund director Kosta Petrov blames his predecessor Despotovski for the lavish PR contracts

SDSM party Vice President and propaganda chief Kosta Petrov laid the blame for the contract to hire two PR agencies to produce promotional videos for the fund on his predecessor Jovan Despotovski. The videos feature Petrov, leisurely talking to people who received grants for innovations they came up...

Macedonia 16.01.21 | 14:06

SDSM party propaganda chief hired PR agencies using public funds

SDSM party Vice President Kosta Petrov, who was recently appointed as head of the controversial Innovation Fund, hird two pricey PR agencies to produce elaborate promotional videos for his work. The contracts are signed with Brigada Design and New Moment, for 200,000 EUR. Both companies are considered...

Macedonia 31.08.19 | 13:27

Nina ‘Grouper’ and Cvetanka Laskova’s daughter-in-law involved in € 300,000 Innovation Fund scandal

Nina Angelovska, the new candidate for finance minister in the government of Zoran Zaev, was part of the scandal with the allocation of funds through the Innovation Fund to companies founded by party people close to SDSM, the Svedok news portal reported. Nina ‘Grouper’ is the founder of Decodix,...

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