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Macedonia 20.03.20 | 16:45

Culev: Police officers are conducting random checks on nearly 4.000 people ordered to self-quarantine

Police officers are currently conducting checks on 3.787 people who are ordered into self-quarantine, over a 1.000 of whom are in the capital Skopje, said Interior Minister Nake Culev. Against 39 of them charges were drawn for leaving the home in violation of the order. These are mostly people who were...

Macedonia 19.03.20 | 14:56

The Interior Ministry is monitoring 2.400 citizens who are ordered to self-isolate

The Interior Ministry is currently engaged in inspecting some 2.000 people who are ordered to self-isolate in their homes, and 390 people who have orders to be under health supervision. These are citizens who recently returned from countries with high numbers of coronavirus patients, or have developed...

Macedonia 14.03.20 | 21:05

Interior Ministry prepares a team to coordinate the virus response

Interior Minister Nake Culev informed the public that the Ministry has put in place a body to coordinate all measures linked to the coronavirus response. Culev reminded the public that the police will conduct checks to make sure all rules put in place are followed through. People who need to be in quarantine...

Macedonia 14.03.19 | 19:34

SDSM led police structures file charges against four UBK officials and employees

Police has arrested four officials and employees of the UBK – the main security service in the Macedonian Interior Ministry, on charges of embezzlement. According to media reports, these include people from the staff of former UBK director Saso Mijalkov, who was himself recently detained on one...

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