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Macedonia 21.10.21 | 11:40

Natasa Kotlar promises to solve the parking problem in downtown Skopje

Natasa Kotlar, the opposition candidate for Mayor of Centar, presented a plan of financial incentives to help the citizens of Skopje’s downtown area put back into use about 800 underground parking spaces that are currently out of service – while the city struggles with parking space. Kotlar did unexpectedly...

Macedonia 29.09.21 | 18:19

Mucunski promises 3,000 new parking spaces in Aerodrom

VMRO-DPMNE mayoral candidate in Aerodrom Timco Mucunski pledged to create 3,000 additional parking spaces in the urban district and put an end to the parking space issues its citizens face. There is no problem that can’t be resolved. So is with the parking space in Aerodrom, Mucunski said.

Macedonia 14.01.21 | 12:38

Parking in Skopje’s main clinical center is taken over by a gang of frauds

Sloboden Pecat reports that the parking of the major Mother Teresa clinic complex in Skopje is taken over by a group of fraudsters who charge money from people desperate find parking space. The notoriously narrow and congested streets and parking spaces in the center are supposed to be managed on the...

Macedonia 30.12.20 | 12:24

Free parking in Centar for Christmas and New Year

Parkings managed by the Centar municipality will be open free of charge on Friday. On Thursday – New Year’s Eve – the parking garages will work until 17h. As for Christmas, which in Macedonia is marked on the 7th, all parking will be free of charge, including the day before.

World 06.04.20 | 10:37

Hungary: Orban orders public parking to be made available free of charge

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban signed a decree to make public parking free of charge across the country. Orban said that this will help the public while the country tackles with the coronavirus pandemic. The move will apply to public schools as well, which can now be used as parking spaces.

Macedonia 14.01.20 | 10:42

Downtown Skopje streets blocked in protest against parking price hike

Streets in downtown Skopje, around the Green farmers market, are blocked this morning again, as market sellers protest against the increase in the parking prices. They say that the increase in the price, which rose from 50 to 70 denars per hour (1EUR = 60 denars), is chasing away their shoppers and reducing...

Macedonia 31.12.19 | 16:02

Centar municipality offers free parking areas for New Year

Parking spaces in Skopje’s Centar district, which are managed by the Centar municipality, will be made available free of charge to all this evening and tomorrow. Meanwhile, the multilevel garages will close by 18h, and the fenced in open air parking spaces are now closed. On Wednesday, January...

Macedonia 14.05.19 | 22:28

The Government will tackle the chronic parking issue in Skopje’s main clinic

In an attempt to alleviate the traffic jams which make access to the Mother Teresa clinic complex extremely difficult even for emergency patients, a plan is put forward to build two multistorey garages. The Government intends to publish a call for private companies who would build the garages, and would...

Macedonia 04.03.19 | 17:08

Fist fight breaks out in the chaotic clinic parking in Skopje

A fist fight broke out today in the chaotic parking in the Mother Teresa clinic in Skopje. A married couple in their 30-ies reported that they were attacked by an unknown person. The husband reported the attack to the police and asked to help locate the attacker. The clinic is notoriously difficult to...

Macedonia 22.01.19 | 21:49

Skopje mayor Silegov faces backlash over steep clinic parking fees again

Skopje mayor Petre Silegov apologized to the citizens for the second round of increases of the parking fees at the main Skopje Mother Teresa clinic. After sparking a protest of clinic employees, Silegov today faced angry comments from patients, who were forced to pay 70 denars (1.2 EUR) per hour of parking. We...

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