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Macedonia 17.09.21 | 22:52

Bishop Petar likens refusal of the vaccine to committing suicide

Bishop Petar likened the unvaccinated citizens to potential suiciders and warned them they will not enter Heaven. In a Alfa TV interview, the bishop of Prespa and Pelagonija added that the coronavirus is dangerous and should be taken seriously. All of us in the Holy Synod are vaccinated. Also, most of...

Macedonia 11.04.21 | 22:52

Two key bishops of the Macedonian church are treated from Covid-19

Bishops Petar and Agatangel of the Macedonian Orthodox Church are being treated at the Acibadem Sistina clinic in Skopje with Covid-19. Bishop Petar of Bitola confirmed the news in a conversation with Sitel TV, revealing that he has been hospitalized for 20 days now and expects to be discharged soon. Bishop...

Macedonia 14.11.19 | 11:20

Three journalists attacked by a large group of thugs yesterday evening in Skopje

Three journalists were attacked by a group consisting of eight people yesterday evening in Skopje. Ljupco Cvetanovski, who works in the Alfa TV – an outlet outspokenly critical of the Zaev regime, Dejan Andonovic and Petar Serafimovski were assaulted as they were leaving a restaurant in the Vlae...

Macedonia 03.10.19 | 21:01

Bishop Petar says the Macedonian church is waiting for talks with the Ecumenical Patriarchate

Bishop Petar of the Macedonian Orthodox Church says that they are not in direct talks with the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul, but he hopes that official talks will begin soon. Macedonia is hoping that, with the Prespa treaty, Patriarch Bartholomew may move to recognize the Macedonian church –...

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