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Macedonia 05.03.19 | 16:03

We must not be silent before the collapse of our country – Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova is our solution

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski met Tuesday with residents of the Kumanovo settlement of Dobresane. In a post on Facebook, Mickoski concluded that life in Dobresane had not come. Here the living conditions are terrible, neither life came nor anything is being built. Residents say there are several...

Macedonia 05.03.19 | 15:07

Blerim Reka collects necessary signatures for presidential nomination

Professor Blerim Reka collected enough signatures from citizens to run for president in the upcoming elections. His party has informed that in less than 15 hours, over 11,000 signatures were collected. Independent candidate Prof. Blerim Reka PhD is now officially a candidate for the presidential elections...

Macedonia 11.02.19 | 15:02

Gjorgji Filipov submits presidential nomination to SDSM

Former Ambassador Gjorgji Filipov announced that he submitted a presidential nomination to SDSM. He thinks he will be a good consensual president, although he said that “consensual” is not yet a clearly defined term, which should mean support from 75 percent of the population. “I will...

Macedonia 04.02.19 | 17:26

SDSM launches open call for presidential candidates

SDSM has launched an open call for self-nomination of candidates for the upcoming presidential election. The call lists four criteria required of the candidates: to be a person with a high social reputation, to be capable of performing high state functions, to enjoy the trust of the membership and supporters...

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