VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski met Tuesday with residents of the Kumanovo settlement of Dobresane.

In a post on Facebook, Mickoski concluded that life in Dobresane had not come.

Here the living conditions are terrible, neither life came nor anything is being built. Residents say there are several domestic companies that for years have been trying to develop the business, but the road to the settlement is not paved. They say they want to build a future and business, but the road to the companies is unpaved, and the government has no sense to support and build a potential, we cannot join Europe like this.

The life of the residents of this Kumanovo settlement is difficult.

The balls that the Prime Minister goes to do not solve the problems in Dobresane, hard work and commitment are needed, the government’s shady tenders will not cover the ineffectiveness, they should get to work and make plans for development. With such poor working and living conditions, human dignity is being trampled on. The state does not provide security to the citizens, and where there is no security and order, there is no justice. Macedonia is much more than the zaevism that now ruins it. Justice in Macedonia is being trampled on, and laws do not apply to everyone equally. This must be changed, Mckoski wrote after meeting with the residents of Dobresane.

The elections are a chance for a change, with which Macedonia will move forward. The support for Gordana Siljanoska-Davkova is the beginning of that change, with which Macedonia will become stronger.

Our fight is for law and legal state, for principles and development. For laws that are respected and apply to everyone equally. We have a new approach, we create new energy, the support for us is an obligation. We must not be silent before the collapse of our country; the next elections are the chance to say what we think.