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Macedonia 20.09.20 | 16:57

Retirement at 64 and 62 will not be compulsory in the private sector

Compulsory retirement at 64 years of age for men and 62 for women will not apply to the private sector, but only to the public sector, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Sahpaska informed on Sunday. It is a law that will include all employees in the public sector and will leave the possibility...

Economy 11.09.20 | 09:45

Retirement at 64 to be compulsory

We will make a decision on compulsory retirement at 64 years of age for men while women can opt to retire at 62, says Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. PM Zaev told editors and journalists during a Q&A session on the Macedonian Television that years of experience can be bought before the age of 64 or 62,...

Economy 31.08.20 | 21:12

Government plans to introduce mandatory retirement at 62/64 years

The Government plans to propose a new law that would force all citizens over 64 or 62 to retire. Currently the law allows people to protract the retirement, but under the new law it would be mandatory for all employees except for the medical staff and highly educated professionals. Zoran Zaev said that...

Economy 12.02.19 | 09:43

World Bank suggests that Macedonia extends the retirement age in order to save its pension system

World Bank calls on Macedonia to increase the retirement age, warning that without reforms the pension system will continue to be unsustainable. According to a WB report, the system is also not fair enough, and a strong policy reform push would stabilize the PIOM fund and make it more fair. The Bank...

Economy 29.01.19 | 18:46

Charges of abuse in the PIOM retirement fund cause rift in the SDSM – DUI coalition

An investigation in the missing retirement payments of 12.000 public and private employees, which Labour and Welfare Minister Mila Carovski from the SDSM party announced this week, caused a rift with SDSM’s coalition partner DUI, whose officials manage the PIOM state owned retirement fund. Deputy...

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