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Macedonia 26.01.21 | 14:13

Judo coach accused of sexual assault on minors pleads not guilty, asked to be put on a polygraph

The judo coach from Prilep who is accused of sexually assaulting an underage student denied any blame and asked to be put on a polygraph. The request was denied by prosecutors, who insist that the device is only used when there is absence of other evidence. The 46 year old coach identified by the police...

Macedonia 25.01.21 | 12:38

Judo coach from Prilep charged with sexually assaulting his underage students

A 46 year old judo coach from Prilep is charged with sexually abusing underage girls he was training. Local police said that the man is detained and faces criminal charges. The girls who were assaulted were aged 14, and the attacks were carried out from April to November 2020.

Macedonia 23.12.20 | 18:43

Man from Berovo was trying to sexually assault an 11 year old girl

A 36 year old men from a village near Berovo is charged with an attempted sexual assault against a minor girl. The man was contacting with the girl online through Facebook, and through phone calls, and sought to meet her. The police says there are credible indications that the man was preparing to sexually...

Macedonia 24.06.20 | 17:36

Bitola man charged with sexually assaulting his 13 year old niece

A 13 year old girl from a village near Bitola reported that her uncle was touching her inappropriately. The incident was reported yesterday to a doctor who called the police. During the night, the 37 year old suspect was arrested and charges of sexual assault are being filed.

Macedonia 09.05.20 | 15:33

Bitola: Dutch citizen arrested for sexually assaulting his child

A 61 year old Dutch citizen was detained after sexually assaulting his minor child. The attack was reported by the mother of the child, a woman from Bitola who alarmed the police on Tuesday morning. The police did not disclose much additional details about the incident, other than that charges are being...

Macedonia 01.01.20 | 21:42

Sexual assault against a minor reported in Vinica

A 66 year old man from Vinica was arrested yesterday afternoon on the charge that he sexually assaulted a minor. Few additional details were shared by the police, except that the attacked child was under 14 years of age. A prosecutor has been notified of the incident and the man is being charged.

Macedonia 24.12.19 | 16:51

Bitola: Attacker who sexually assaulted his three children was an alcoholic and former convict

The man from Bitola who was arrested yesterday on the suspicion that he was sexually assaulting his three children was a well known alcoholic, the Dosie news site reports. The city was shocked after the revelation that teh children aged 6 to 13 were abused by their father. They tell Dosie that the 58...

Macedonia 23.12.19 | 12:56

Man from Bitola charged with sexually assaulting his three children

A 58 year old man from Bitola is charged with sexually assaulting his children, aged 6, 8 and 13. According to the charges, the assaults were made on multiple occasions throughout the year. The court ordered him into 30 days detention until the case is brought to trial.