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Macedonia 13.10.22 | 10:08

He sold his “principles” for that much: Jakimovski’s son is newly employed at M-NAV AD, for a salary of about 100,000 denars!

Stevco Jakimovski’s son is newly employed in the state-owned M-NAV AD, for a salary of about 100,000 denars! He sold his “principles” for that much! It is not bad for the public to know why there are so many “exclusive” statements, Samoil Malceski wrote on Facebook.

Macedonia 13.06.22 | 14:46

Ceiling in “Majski cvet” kindergarten in Taftalidze 2 collapses

Over the weekend, the ceiling in the Skopje kindergarten “Majski cvet” in the Taftalidze 2 neighborhood collapsed. Fortunately, no one was injured, because the building was empty at the time. The Mayor of the Municipality of Karpos, Stevco Jakimovski, this morning inspected the premises of...

Macedonia 20.10.21 | 22:52

Jakimovski: In the second round I expect greatest support from VMRO-DPMNE

The candidate for mayor of the municipality of Karpos and leader of the GROM party, Stevco Jakimovski is optimistic that in the second round of elections he can exceed the lead of about 9% that his opponent from the ranks of SDSM, Dusko Veskovski has. As he said on TV Alsat, he expects support in the...

Macedonia 15.06.21 | 21:21

Jakimovski: Only the State Department puts real pressure over our country’s EU membership, everything else is hypocrisy

GROM leader, Stevco Jakimovski said in an interview with TV Kanal 5 that the country has learned the process before the holding of the intergovernmental conference. As I announced before, before the Summit, those from abroad will come and say that we should be part of the European Union, that the Western...

Macedonia 07.03.21 | 22:18

Four SDSM councilors in Centar received money from the municipality, including Frckoski’s son

I read that four councilors from the current Council of the Municipality of Centar, took money for treatment for their family member from the budget of the Municipality of Centar. These decisions were made by the same council in which they are members, reveals the former mayor of Karpos and former Minister...

Macedonia 28.12.20 | 20:47

Jakimovski: While Serbia is building modern Covid centers, SDSM is looking for topics to defocus the public

While other governments in the region are building modern Covid centers, our Government is defocusing the public in an attempt to cover the incapacity to deal with the coronavirus crisis, GROM leader Stevce Jakimoski said on TV Alfa’s “Sto ne e jasno” show. Jakimovski pointed out Serbia...

Macedonia 03.12.20 | 20:48

Jakimovski: Interfering in history not only will be the end of Zoran Zaev but also of SDSM

The leader of the Civic Option for Macedonia, which is part of the coalition “For the Renewal of Macedonia”, Stevco Jakimovski said at Thursday’s protest in front of the Government building that in these cold days people gather to prevent the national betrayal that several people in...

Macedonia 16.09.20 | 22:27

Zaev is playing with the citizens, until yesterday he said the biggest supporter on the road to the EU will be Bulgaria, now he says it will be Greece

Zoran Zaev said that the main supporter of Macedonia for joining the EU will be Bulgaria, today he says it is Greece, so they are playing with us. We are not aware that we do not have a constant defense of the Macedonianism. We lost the constant and now we are on a windstorm and they will destroy us,...

Macedonia 19.03.19 | 15:06

Jakimovski in court: We will win!

The former mayor of Karposh and the leader of the GROM party, Stevco Jakimovski, with two fingers raised up as a sign of victory, left the old building of the Basic Court Skopje 1 to be transferred to the new facility of the Criminal Court. While police officers moved him from one building to another...

Macedonia 19.03.19 | 11:57

Prosecutor’s Office seeks detention for Jakimovski and two Karposh employees

After the criminal charges of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and on the order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Organized Crime, the former mayor of Karposh, Stevco Jakimovski and two of his associates, heads of the expropriation and urbanism sectors, were arrested Tuesday morning. Together...

Macedonia 19.03.19 | 09:08

Stevco Jakimovski arrested

Former mayor of the Karpos Municipality, Stevco Jakimovski, was detained on Tuesday morning by order of a Public Prosecutor. The leader of the GROM party is expected to be summoned before a pre-trial judge, and the court should decide what precautionary measures will be handed to the ex-mayor Stevce...