I read that four councilors from the current Council of the Municipality of Centar, took money for treatment for their family member from the budget of the Municipality of Centar. These decisions were made by the same council in which they are members, reveals the former mayor of Karpos and former Minister of Economy and Labor and Social Affairs Stevco Jakimovski.

The current leader of GROM claims that among those who took money is Jon Frckoski, the son of Professor Ljubomir Frckoski, the candidate for Macedonia’s Ambassador to Washington DC that was reportedly rejected by the U.S.

These decisions are 102.6% contrary to the law on conflict of interest. Councilors who have decided to give money to their families have a conflict of interest, he said, calling on the Anti-Corruption Commission the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of fighting corruption, Ljupco Nikolovski to do something about it.