GROM leader, Stevco Jakimovski said in an interview with TV Kanal 5 that the country has learned the process before the holding of the intergovernmental conference.

As I announced before, before the Summit, those from abroad will come and say that we should be part of the European Union, that the Western Balkans should be integrated, but these are stories for young children. By September 15, they will be gone again and from September 20, they will say how important we are for Europe and there will be new intergovernmental conference. Now Macron says that we should be part of the European Union, and two years ago he blocked us, says Jakimovski.

Jakimovski stressed that the only real pressure on the EU for the country’s EU membership is the US Department of State.

I think the only real pressure at the moment is the State Department, everything else is hypocrisy. This pressure is not enough. We are a bad example for the region, for the Kosovo issue, for resolving the Bosnia issue, he added.