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Macedonia 14.03.22 | 21:01

Ina’s surgery was a success – six years old girl has a new chance at life

Six years old Ina was successfully operated in Turkey from a brain tumor. The whole of the country was rooting for the little girl and many have helped in collecting the money needed for the surgery. Her family shared post-op pictures and announced that the girl is recovering from the surgery.

Macedonia 11.11.21 | 21:06

Mickoski underwent a minor surgery, says he is feeling excellent

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski informed that he underwent a “light, pre-planned surgical intervention” today and that he is feeling excellent. Mickoski did not detail the type of intervention, only thanking the surgeons by name and posting a selfie picture. The news comes after a...

Macedonia 30.05.21 | 13:14

Heart transplant surgery ends successfully

The third heart transplant surgery was successfully performed in the Skopje Cardiology Clinic today. A 32 year old female patient received the heart from a 40 year old woman who died after a brain hemorrhage whose family agreed to donate the organs.  The surgery was performed by a team led by doctors...

Macedonia 29.05.21 | 11:19

VMRO-DPMNE accuses Minister Filipce of trying to cover up a tragic botched surgery case

VMRO-DPMNE accused Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce of trying to cover up the gruesome case of a nurse from Debar who suffered a botched C-section surgery that left her without a kidney, her uterus and womb. The case was investigated after public outrage prompted by months of inaction – possibly...

Macedonia 13.11.20 | 19:09

No charges in the case of a patient who died after a botched surgery

State prosecutors decided not to initiate criminal charges against three doctors and nurses for a botched hemorrhoid surgery performed on 38 year old father of two Bulent Ibrahim in 2019. The man was operated by doctor Svonko Nikolovski in a private clinic he rented out from doctor Krsto Mitanoski. Ibrahim...

Macedonia 28.09.20 | 20:08

Boki 13 rushed to hospital with post-operative complications

Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, the showman who was at the center of the major Racket scandal, is hospitalized with bleeding, Republika was told. Boki 13 recently had a surgery for an ulcer. Earlier he went through a major gastric bypass surgery, and says he suffers from consequences ever since. Currently,...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 11:21

First heart transplant surgery in Macedonia is a success

A team of doctors from several clinics performed the first heart transplant in Macedonia yesterday. The Healthcare Ministry shared photographs from the operation which, Minister Filipce later revealed, has been a success as he shared a photograph of a monitor showing the heart beat. The donor was a...

Macedonia 28.01.20 | 17:10

Former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov begins prison hunger strike after he was denied the right to a surgery

Former Interior Minister Mitko Cavkov announced that he will begin a hunger strike, because the warden of the Stip prison, where is he serving out a lengthy “terrorism” sentence, will not allow him to operate his knee. This is a violation of my constitutional right to healthcare. The warden...

Macedonia 27.11.19 | 12:35

Boki 13 again taken from prison to the intensive care unit

Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 was again admitted to the intensive care unit at the 8th of September hospital. The suspected high profile racketeer remains detained in the Sutka prison, despite the fact that his two accomplices Katica Janeva and Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kicheec are released into...

Macedonia 14.10.19 | 23:25

Deputy Health Minister Asim Musa takes 50 euros in advance from requested 1,000 for surgery

Deputy Health Minister Asim Musa is involved in a corruption scandal and is caught in the act. Musa was caught by the crew of the most famous Albanian investigative show, Fiks Fare, which aired tonight at 20:10 h on Top Channel. Namely, Deputy Minister Musa was bargaining with a patient from Albania...

Macedonia 29.07.19 | 14:08

Boki 13 admitted to the Skopje clinic for a check-up

Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, the showman at the center of the major corruption scandal involving Katica Janeva and the SDSM party, was admitted to the Mother Teresa clinic in Skopje for an exam following his prior surgery. Boki 13 has been detained for two weeks now, on the charge that he extorted...

Macedonia 01.03.19 | 18:59

Health inspectors fault doctors in their investigation into the death of a young man after a routine surgery

Health inspectors determined that two small clinics which treated a young man who died from sepsis after a routine hemorrhoids surgery were operating illegally. One of the doctors involved, Krsto Mitanoski, should have been retired, but he failed to inform the Healthcare Ministry of this. The other,...