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Macedonia Sport 26.04.21 | 17:09

Macedonian and Croatian fans got into a fight during a football match in Sydney

Fans of a Macedonian and a Croatian football club in Australia got into a fight yesterday, when their game was interrupted by a man running into the pitch. The Macedonian team – Rockdale Ilinden and the Croatian supported Sydney United 58 were playing at the Rockdale sports center in the National...

Macedonia 05.10.19 | 23:52

If elections were held today, VMRO would win by at least 100.000 votes over SDSM, Mickoski says

VMRO-DPMNE would win by a 100.000 votes over SDSM if the elections were held today, said the opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski in his interview with a Macedonian radio program in Sydney. Latest polls clearly show a huge lead for VMRO-DPMNE against SDSM. The level of support we see would be translated...

World 13.08.19 | 10:10

Woman, 21, killed and others injured in horror knife rampage in Sydney

A 21-year-old woman has been found dead with her throat slashed near scenes of a six-minute knife rampage in Sydney. A man brandishing a knife was filmed standing on top of a car in the city’s busy business district shouting “Allahu Akbar”. Police are investigating whether there is...

World 31.12.18 | 13:38

Australia rings in New Year early with first round of fireworks

New firework designs including from a schoolgirl have lit up Sydney Harbour with families across eastern Australia treated to early New Year’s Eve pyrotechnics. Hundreds of thousands of people lined Sydney Harbour to watch the 9pm show with South Australian schoolgirl Dhrithi’s blue and white...

World 24.12.18 | 13:45

Sydney Opal Tower apartment building evacuated after reports of cracking noises

Residents in a newly opened apartment building saw and heard a loud crack before thousands were evacuated from the tower in Sydney’s west. Police confirmed the 34-storey Opal Tower had moved “1 millimetre to 2 millimetres”. About 3,000 people were evacuated from the Sydney Olympic Park...

Life 21.12.18 | 15:22

Sydney gets smashed with destructive hailstorm

Hail storm ice the size of golf balls battered Sydney during a summer storm on December 20, 2018. At least 50,000 homes remain without power in northern Sydney and more than 1000 calls for help are waiting to be responded to by State Emergency Services after Sydney and the NSW central coast were yesterday...

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