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Macedonia 04.07.19 | 22:11

Tamara knew the lyrics of the national anthem – but 10 months ago

Ten months ago, on the occasion of September 8, Macedonia’s Independence Day, Tamara Todevska sang the entire national anthem without any problems. Unlike yesterday when she left out the verse with Goce Delcev, Dame Gruev and Pitu Guli, then Tamara sang the whole national anthem with many emotions. As...

Macedonia 04.07.19 | 20:44

Bulgaria about Tamara Todevska’s performance of the national anthem: Goce Delcev is a Bulgarian, that is why she left it out

Macedonian singer Tamara Todevska left out the verses mentioning the names of Goce Delchev, Pitu Guli and Jane Sandanski during her performance of the national anthem at the US Embassy event. According to the government of North Macedonia, this is an “unintentional mistake”, the Bulgarian...

Macedonia 04.07.19 | 18:16

Siljanovska: Sanction for Tamara, no apologies, there must be accountability

Prof. Gordana Siljanovska Davkova also reacted over the omission in Tamara Todevska’s performance of the national anthem at the US Embassy on the occasion of the US Independence Day. She says there is no room for apologies and mistakes before the laws, and the people responsible should bear the...

Macedonia 04.07.19 | 18:02

Tamara’s intonation of the national anthem was a way to please Zaev’s wrong policies

Journalist question: What is your comment on yesterday’s US Independence Day reception, where during the performance of Macedonia’s national anthem the part with the names of Goce Delchev, Pitu Guli and Dame Gruev Sandanski was left out? Answer: VMRO-DPMNE strongly condemns the incomplete...

Music 22.05.19 | 20:13

Eurovision made corrections – Tamara ranks 7th, and 1st according to the jury’s votes

It does not change much, but still, on the official list of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, Macedonia climbed one place up. There was an error in the votes of the Belarusian jury, which the EBU corrected, and Tamara instead of 8th ranks 7th. With this correction, Macedonia is first according to the...

Music 19.05.19 | 13:17

Lupevska: Diaspora should be banned from voting in elections – they did not vote for Tamara

Journalist Snezana Lupevska Sozen blames the Macedonians diaspora that Tamara did not win the Eurovision Song Contest, and asked the diaspora to be banned from voting in elections. The SEC should urgently erase people living abroad from the voters’ list! Money is spent on them, while they don’t...

Music 19.05.19 | 11:57

It is time to re-examine the Eurovision voting format, Tamara is the winner for me

It is time to re-examine the Eurovision voting format, said Zeljko Joksimovic, the man who, both as a singer and composer, has been part of the Eurovision Song Contest as Serbia’s entry many times. Tamara is the winner for me, he tweeted. Vreme je da se preispita nacin glasanja na #Eurovision Za...

Music 19.05.19 | 01:17

Biggest success so far in Eurovision: Tamara’s “Proud” finishes 8th

Our country’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest Tamara Todevska finished in eighth place with a total of 295 points, which is Macedonia’s biggest success so far. Following the votes from each country’s jury, Tamara was second of the leaderboard but ended up eighth after the...

Entertainment 18.05.19 | 22:41

Boy George gives support to Tamara Todevska

Music 18.05.19 | 22:09

Macedonia again PROUD of Tamara, here’s her performance in the Grand Final

#Proud has won social networks. The Macedonian public is unanimous – we are proud of Tamara Todevska. The Macedonian pop star Tamara Todevska performed 8th in the Grand Final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Tel Aviv. Here is her performance of “Proud”:

Music 16.05.19 | 11:40

Tamara Todevska to perform ‘Proud’ at Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv

Tamara Todevska will perform song “Proud” in the second semifinal of the 64th Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv on Thursday. Three backing vocalists will help Tamara out on stage, Antonia Gigovska, Aleksandra Janeva and Vasil Garvanliev respectively. Tamara has graced the Eurovision...

Music 08.05.19 | 10:49

Tamara’s first rehearsal of ‘Proud’ in Tel Aviv

Macedonia’s Tamara Todevska performed Tuesday her first rehearsal of ‘Proud’ at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel for the 2019 Eurovision Song. Here’s the performance:

Music 28.01.19 | 16:08

Tamara Todevska to represent Macedonia at Eurovision 2019

Macedonia’s national broadcaster MRT has chosen Tamara Todevska to represent Macedonia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Tamara has been on the Eurovision stage three times already: As a backing singer for the late Tose Proeski in 2004, as part of the trio Tamara, Vrčak &...