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Economy 14.11.21 | 13:22

Energy crisis: Industrial zones agency introduces cosmetic measures to save electricity

The TIRZ agency for promotion of foreign investments announced that it is introducing minor measures meant to reduce energy consumption. The measures include turning off street lights in parts of the industrial zones across the country and turning of the signs on TIRZ offices. Macedonia faces a major...

Macedonia Economy 15.01.21 | 15:15

SDSM official blames foreign manufacturing companies of paying low salaries

The newly appointed head of the TIRZ zones for manufacturing companies Jovan Despotovski condemned the major foreign investors in Macedonia for the level of salaries they are paying. Despotovski, who was blamed for awarding contracts that involved absurd levels of conflict of interest while he was the...

Economy 09.01.21 | 14:39

EUR 10,6 million in state aid paid for foreign investments in 2020

The Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones (TIRZ) in 2020 had paid over EUR 10,6 million to 29 companies to implement their investments in the zones. It is 94.4% realization of the 2020 state aid for foreign investors in the country. As the Directorate for TIRZ informed, the early...

Macedonia Economy 08.10.20 | 11:48

In one month, two foreign companies dropped their plans to expand in Macedonia

In less than a month, the Macedonian Government canceled two contracts with foreign companies who planned to invest in the pre-prepared industrial zones near Skopje. One of them is the Sagen pharma company which was supposed to be the first Albanian investor in the Bunardzik zone near Skopje, which has...

Macedonia 25.12.18 | 23:02

“Jobs for the boys” scandal: More suspicious job openings in the pipeline

After a series of suspicious hiring of children of Government officials in public institutions, more such “jobs for the boys” are in the pipeline, at least judging by the vacancy adds being published by the Government and the TIRZ agency for foreign direct investments. The Government is seeking...

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