After a series of suspicious hiring of children of Government officials in public institutions, more such “jobs for the boys” are in the pipeline, at least judging by the vacancy adds being published by the Government and the TIRZ agency for foreign direct investments.

The Government is seeking a literature graduate – but for its Strategy, planning and implementation department.

TIRZ, meanwhile, is seeking a graduate in chemical technology, which makes sense for a department dealing with incoming manufacturing companies, but the job opening is in the comfy Communications department. Another job opening lists the qualifications for the prospective candidate (who is likely already known, with the job opening being merely a formality) as graduate of “cultural – educational sciences”. TIRZ has seen its output drop dramatically after the largely foreign educated team assembled over the previous Government left as Zaev took over.

The Zaev Government is specializing in hiring close family members of its top officials. SDSM member of Parliament Kostadin Kostadinov has his mother employed in the highly desirable Central Registry office, even though she had no work experience. Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi hired his daughter in the ELEM energy producing company, while MEPSO, the public energy transportation company recently employed the daughter of his fellow DUI party official Nevzat Bejta, as well as the son of former SDSM party leader and Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski.

SDSM affiliated law professor Ljubomir Frckoski, who is an outspoken supporter of Zaev and his deal with Greece, had his son hired in the Centar municipality, and later in the public company which manages state owned real-estate, where he is co-manager. As such, the younger Frckoski signed a procurement contract with a company owned by the brother of former VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Krsto Mukoski, who voted in favor of renaming Macedonia into North Macedonia, in exchange for an amnesty and the contract worth nearly 700.000 EUR.