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Macedonia 09.11.20 | 17:17

Migrant trafficker with 10 Afghans stopped near Veles, his accomplice fled

A migrant trafficker from the village of Aracinovo near Skopje is being charged with after his arrest yesterday evening. The 24 year old man, together with an accomplice as they were taking 10 illegal migrants from Afghanistan – half of them minors. The group was intercepted near Veles as they...

Macedonia 07.07.20 | 16:55

Migrant trafficker causes a major accident in Strumica

A driver transporting a group of illegal migrants caused a serious traffic accident in Strumica in which three migrants were injured. The driver, a man from Kocani, was speeding through Strumica, possibly to evade a patrol, and hit three cars. Some of the migrants in his van fled after the accident....

Macedonia 09.06.20 | 12:42

Migrant trafficker kills a man while fleeing the police near Strumica

The victim in the high speed accident near Strumica yesterday was a driver from the village of Gradasorci, whose car was hit by a trafficker of illegal migrants who was fleeing the police. Ten passengers were also injured in the accident that was caused by E.S. (55) from Skopje, who was transporting...

Macedonia 21.02.20 | 16:54

Ghanian migrant traffickers banned from returning to Macedonia

Two Ghanians, who held an Italian and a German passport, received life long bans from entering Macedonia for migrant trafficking. They tried to bring three migrants, also Ghanians, from Greece into Macedonia. In early January the two went to Greece where they picked the three migrants and gave them fake...

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