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Macedonia 16.02.22 | 19:26

Zabrcanec named as coordinator of the Mini Schengen initiative – Macedonia’s consolation prize after the EU prospects grew more distant

The Kovacevski Government appointed its former spokesman Marjan Zabrcanec as coordinator for the Open Balkan/Mini Schengen initiative. Zabrcanec is a former left wing NGO activist who was elevated by Zoran Zaev as his spokesman. As prospects for Macedonia actually joining the EU continue to face, the...

Macedonia 26.12.21 | 12:38

Open letter reveals that Zaev’s PR advisor is manipulating media coverage

The open letter published by Racket trial defendant Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 shows how Zoran Zaev’s PR advisor Marjan Zabrcanec is pressuring and manipulating media coverage. Boki 13 opened a TV station shortly after Zaev’s power-grab in 2017 and quickly brought a number of SDSM party...

Macedonia 03.12.21 | 13:43

Bodies of the Besa bus disaster victims returned to Macedonia, Government official criticized after trying to make a spectacle out of it

Government leaders, including Zoran Zaev, Stevo Pendrovski and many ministers attended the ceremony at the Skopje airport today when the bodies of the 45 victims of the Besa bus disaster were repatriated from Bulgaria. In two military transport plane, the bodies were carried from Sofia, after they were...

Macedonia 04.05.21 | 15:29

Zaev’s main PR official accused of spreading fake news when he claims success in advancing freedom of expression

Journalist Branko Geroski, who did much of the reporting in the major Racket scandal, condemned Zoran Zaev’s main PR official Marjan Zabrcanec for spreading fake news, after Zabrcanec issued a flowery proclamation on the World Press Freedom Day (May 3rd). During the reign of Gruevski, it was virtually...

Macedonia 08.07.20 | 22:59

Zaev’s office tried to present the Russian prank as a “hybrid attack”

Last November, when Greta Thunberg revealed that someone is impersonating her and is calling foreign leaders, actors and artists, the Zaev office was quick to respond that they were the victims of a “hybrid attack”. Zaev’s PR adviser Marjan Zabrcanec sought to intercept the damage of...

Macedonia 04.08.19 | 23:26

VMRO leader says the party will fight new media regulation after Zaev’s “fake news tsar” was caught spreading fake news

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski strongly condemned the attempt by the Government’s “fake news tzar” Marjan Zabrcanec to delude the public over a shouting incident that happened during the Ilinden celebration in Krusevo. Video reveals that the “fake news” incident...

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