Monday, 25 September 2023
Economy 25.09.23 | 17:06

Fuel prices will change starting at midnight

From midnight, Eurosuper BS-95, Eurosuper BS-98 and diesel will be cheaper by one and a half denar, the Energy Regulatory Commission decided today. With that, the new price of Eurosuper BS-95 will be 89 denars per liter, Eurosuper BS-98 will be sold at a price of 91 denars per liter, while the price...

Macedonia 25.09.23 | 12:18

In the middle of Skopje, Albanian flags and with a message that one of the eagle’s heads is in Mitrovica

Unknown persons placed a banner with a message on Skenderbeg Square in Skopje last night, which was probably caused by the events in the north of Kosovo. Long river Ibr. Blood from the mountain. The eagle has two heads, and one is in Mitrovica, it says on the banner held by a dozen people.

Macedonia 25.09.23 | 12:03

It’s time to put an end to the notion that major disasters in Macedonia can be attributed to cable, brakes, or siblings as the culprits

Corruption has unfortunately become an accepted norm across the country, where virtually anyone engaged with the system is expected to offer money or bribes, regardless of their position, whether at the highest echelons of power or the lowest rungs of society. This pervasive issue permeates throughout...

Balkans 25.09.23 | 11:47

Grubi and Osmani demand peace and condemn the assassination of a police officer in Kosovo

The killing of a police officer in the north of Kosovo was denounced on Sunday by the first deputy prime minister and minister of political system and intercommunal relations, Artan Grubi, and the foreign minister, Bujar Osmani. They also sent their condolences to the bereaved family and made an appeal...