Corruption has unfortunately become an accepted norm across the country, where virtually anyone engaged with the system is expected to offer money or bribes, regardless of their position, whether at the highest echelons of power or the lowest rungs of society. This pervasive issue permeates throughout various state institutions, to the extent that anyone who abstains from this practice is perceived as an exception to the rule. This deeply entrenched culture of corruption and embezzlement can be seen as a reflection of the conduct exhibited by the nation’s top leaders.

A glaring instance of this corrupt culture is evident in the realm of Oncology, where even cancer patients are not spared from exploitation. It is disheartening to witness individuals grappling with illness having to contend with opportunists who profit from the suffering and demise of others. President of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, highlighted this distressing reality in his address delivered in Veles, emphasizing the urgent need to confront and eradicate such moral decay from our society.
But functional states differ from us in the way they react and act after such a scandal comes out and the responsibility that must be there. And what did this government do? The prosecutor’s office entered not with an investigation, but with a preliminary investigation, and the same ones who profited from the backs of the most vulnerable are now still able to work. They re-determine therapy that they stole and can repeat the crime at any hour,” Mickoski said.

Mickoski said that the real culprits, that is, the creators of such cases, should be held accountable