On Sunday, Hrsitijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, issued a passionate call to the Macedonian community in Albania, urging them to actively participate in the ongoing population census within that country.

Mickoski’s address highlighted the contrast between the Macedonian government’s promotion of the benefits of the recently established good neighborly agreement, particularly with Bulgaria, and Bulgaria’s apparent efforts to influence the census in Albania. He criticized Bulgaria for pushing propaganda that seeks to classify the Macedonian minority in Albania as ethnic Bulgarians, which raised concerns about Bulgaria’s intentions. Moreover, Mickoski expressed bewilderment at the Macedonian government’s silence regarding these developments.

Addressing the 32nd annual conference of the Youth Forces Union of VMRO-DPMNE in Veles, Mickoski delivered a powerful message. He implored Macedonians living in Albania to actively participate in the census, emphasizing the importance of self-identifying as Macedonians, a cultural and historical identity they have cherished for centuries. He encouraged them not to yield to external pressures, highlighting that the most fitting response to foreign propaganda was a resounding show of unity and identity.

In conclusion, Mickoski’s speech underscored the significance of the population census in Albania for the Macedonian diaspora, urging Macedonians in Albania to embrace and assert their Macedonian heritage while emphasizing that this collective effort would strengthen their cultural uniqueness and foster their continued development as a community.