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Macedonia 10.06.21 | 21:29

Ohrid Mayor Georgievski returned an piece of fence to Belgrade, but didn’t ask for the return of many priceless artifacts in return

Ohrid Mayor Konstantin Georgievski went to Belgrade to return a piece of fencing that was placed in front of the Serbian Parliament building between the 30ies and the 50ies, and was later installed in the presidential villa Biljana in Ohrid. Georgievski said that return of the cast iron fence is “a...

Balkans 11.07.20 | 09:26

Protesters in Belgrade break into Serbian parliament

A group of violent demonstrators on Friday night again clashed with police in front of the Serbian parliament, but also attacked numerous reporters and anyone filming the scene. The third spate of violence in four nights of protests sparked on Tuesday when President Aleksandar Vucic’s announced a long...

Balkans 08.07.20 | 11:45

23 people arrested, 43 officers injured in Belgrade protest

Serbian police said on Wednesday they have arrested 23 people in riots triggered by the return of Covid-19 restrictions the night before in which 43 officers were injured. Several police vehicles were also torched and totally burned out, police director Vladimir Rebic told the state broadcaster RTS. Violence...

Balkans 08.04.20 | 11:10

Serbia considers a full lock-down on its capital Belgrade

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warned the country that it’s possible a full lock-down is instituted in the capital Belgrade. I’m not discounting that option, Vucic said when asked about the possibility that Belgraders are locked in their homes full time. Serbia has had 61 dead and a total...

World 06.04.20 | 13:00

Hungary will speed up construction of the Budapest – Belgrade railway

Hungary plans to speed up construction of the Budapest – Belgrad railway, which is expected to be part of the major One Belt One Road initiative spearheaded by China. A contract to build the link was signed in 2014, but faced various bureaucratic hurdles. But now, pressed by the need to provide...

Macedonia 22.11.19 | 18:40

Vucic: I told Zaev that there would be no negotiations, he looked at me as if I was “out of my mind” and said “They promised me”!

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic at a press conference with Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski, who paid his first official visit to Belgrade on Friday, said he did not want the EU to continue to treat the countries of the region as puppets. Asked what the French non-paper might mean for Serbia...

World 04.10.19 | 17:57

Trump appointed Special Envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina negotiations

Donald Trump had appointed Richard Grenell, US Ambassador to Germany, as U.S. Special Envoy for Belgrade-Pristina negotiations. The White House had announced Grenell’s appointment to this post. His nomination for that position has to be confirmed by the Senate, according to the Voice of America....

Macedonia 16.08.19 | 19:12

Opposition demands answers: Did the bag with Kamcev’s money end up with Zaev’s adviser?

Following the revelation by Serbian media outlets that the 1.5 million EUR extorted from businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev ended up with one of Zoran Zaev’s advisers, the opposition called for answers from the Prime Minister. The report that the adviser, Serbian citizen Zoran Bashanovic, took the...

Balkans 25.02.19 | 16:08

Opposition boycotts Belgrade Assembly session

The opposition councillors to the Belgrade City Assembly boycotted Monday’s sitting on a budget rebalance keeping a promise they gave to the #1 in 5 million protest participants not to take part in the work of the republic’s and local parliaments, the agencies reported. They said they would talk...

Balkans 19.02.19 | 12:26

Record breaking 15,000 tickets sold for FEST in the first two days of sale in Belgrade

In the first two days of sale, a record-breaking 15,000 tickets were sold for FEST. Our audience likes film, and cinemas still live – an unequivocal message sent by the Belgrade audience after 15,000 tickets for the 47th FEST were sold in only two days! Tickets for the opening ceremony and the...

Music 30.01.19 | 16:14

Karolina Goceva scoops Ethno Music Song of the Year Award at Belgrade Music Awards Ceremony

Karolina Goceva has scooped an award at the first regional music awards ceremony held on Tuesday evening in Belgrade. The 38-year-old Macedonian singer won the Ethno Music Song of the Year Award for the song “Ti ne dojde” from her latest album, “Izvor”.

Balkans 17.01.19 | 13:52

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Belgrade (video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday arrived in Belgrade on an official visit to Serbia. After his presidential plane landed at 1.05 pm, Putin was given a ceremonial welcome at the Nikola Tesla Airport, where he was greeted by Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic. Serbian Armed Forces MiG-29...

Balkans 17.01.19 | 09:53

Serbia to take high-level security measures during Putin’s visit

The official program of the visit has not yet been confirmed. It is expected, however, that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit the government complex of the Palace of Serbia, the largest Orthodox Church of Saint Sava and the memorial to Russian soldiers in the Serbian capital, Sputnik reports. On...

Music 24.12.18 | 11:39

Karolina Gočeva to perform at the first regional Music Awards Ceremony in Belgrade

After Bajaga, Petar Grašo and Sergej Ćetković, another three major stars from the region – Željko Joksimović, Van Gogh and Karolina Gočeva – confirmed their performances at the first regional  Music Awards Ceremony (MAC) at Belgrade’s Štark Arena on January 29. MAC’s...

Culture 23.12.18 | 10:59

Pianist Simon Trpčeski to present Makedonissimo project in Belgrade

World-renowned Macedonian pianist Simon Trpčeski is to present his new, emotional project – “Makedonissimo!” in Belgrade on Sunday following successful concerts on the biggest European concert stages. I am very glad that after Ljubljana, for the first time in the Balkans, we can present in Belgrade...

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