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Macedonia 22.03.23 | 16:12

15-year-old boy from Skopje who sent a bomb threat will be charged with terrorism

The Department for Combating Terrorism, Violent Extremism and Radicalism at the Department for Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption submitted criminal charges against a 15-year-old from Skopje, for the...

Macedonia 03.02.23 | 14:27

Bomb threats reported in eight schools in Skopje

Eight schools in Skopje received bomb threats today, 24 info learns. As the Ministry of Interior informed, the Skopje police department reported that bomb threats were sent to the e-mail addresses of eight schools, namely Josip Broz – Tito, Rade Jovcevski Korcagin, Pance Arsovski, Mihajlo Pupin,...

Macedonia 27.12.22 | 09:54

First bomb threat reported in Ohrid: St. Naum of Ohrid school evacuated

First bomb threat was reported in Ohrid. Currently, units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are inspecting the “St. Naum of Ohrid” school, and the school has been safely evacuated and the students are out of the building. The bomb threat was sent to the school’s email address.

Macedonia 16.12.22 | 09:54

Bomb threat reported at Skopje airport – all flights cancelled

Even today there are a number of reports of bomb threats in Skopje. Apart from shopping malls, hotels, and sports centers, there are reports of bomb threats at the Skopje airport. Therefore, all flights have been cancelled. Emergency evacuation of employees and passengers is underway.

Macedonia 15.12.22 | 11:23

Bomb threat reported in Kumanovo as well

A bomb threat has been reported in the Kumanovo “Miladinov Brothers” elementary school, the authorities from the school and the parents’ council confirmed today. Teams of the Kumanovo police department are on the ground, the students and teachers have been safely evacuated, the director...

Macedonia 07.12.22 | 11:17

National Bank receives a bomb threat, employees are being evacuated

The evacuation of employees is underway at the National Bank after a bomb threat was received this morning at an email address, MKD.mk reported. This is the first bomb threat in the central bank, and this is the first threat to an institution that is not educational, that is, in the past weeks there...

Macedonia 27.10.22 | 11:07

We will blow up the school, thousands of dead Macedonian children, reads the threatening message sent to schools in Skopje

Yesterday, a large number of schools across Skopje received an e-mail stating that a bomb had been planted in the school and that there would be “thousands of dead Macedonian children”. 4NEWS.mk published the full content of the message. We hate this world, our mission is to kill. The sooner...

Macedonia 30.11.21 | 18:50

Bomb threat reported at Macedonian National Theater building

Tonight, the police blocked all approaches to the building of the Macedonian National Theater due to a report of an explosive device placed in the theater, reported TV 21. Everyone in the theater has been evacuated, and the “Don’t Bet on the English” play has been postponed. The concert...

News 28.09.21 | 18:00

False bomb threat made ahead of Von der Leyen’s visit

A false bomb threat was phoned in against the Macedonian Government this morning, ahead of the visit by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The Interior Ministry informed that the person who made the phone call was located and detained. His threat was that an explosive device will be...

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 18:11

Two security agency employees arrested for the Skopje City Mall bomb threat

Two young men were arrested for making a false bomb threat against the Skopje City Mall, which prompted the evacuation of Macedonia’s largest mall. Both are 19 and are employed in security agency, the police informed. Their motives are still unclear. It took several hours for the police to determine...

Macedonia 29.01.20 | 14:09

Skopje City Mall evacuated after bomb threat

A bomb threat has forced the evacuation of Skopje City Mall in the country’s largest shopping center on Wednesday. The counterterrorism force is currently on site, the police told “Republika”. According to Republika’s information, every shop in the mall is being searched and the employees...