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Macedonia 07.10.23 | 21:00

The Taste the Tradition food fair takes place in Skopje City Park

The 2nd Taste the Tradition National Food and Beverage Fair in Skopje’s City Park, set for Saturday, will feature more than 300 local small-scale food producers showcasing their traditional recipe products. With over 2,000 products on display, the fair promises not only tastings but also entertainment...

Macedonia 06.11.22 | 20:05

Conclusions from the VMRO-DPMNE event – over 125 million EUR were invested in our municipalities and with the right government, this number will rise

VMRO-DPMNE concluded its gathering planned to discuss the work of the local administration officials elected through the party at the 2021 elections. VMRO Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski said that 125 million EUR were invested over the past year, improving the lives of citizens across the country. This...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 19:50

Zaev insists that the elections were free, fair and democratic

Despite numerous election day irregularities, reports of vote buying and attacks on journalist, Zoran Zaev insisted that the local elections organized by his Government were “fair, free and democratic, fit for a NATO member state and an aspiring EU member”. I believe that the voters will...

Economy 21.01.20 | 11:17

No name, no date, no ajvar, no wine, but that’s why there is “North Macedonian” cuisine

Macedonian Zoran Stefanovski living in Berlin wrote a lengthy post on Facebook along with photos of the Berlin international fair for food and agriculture, where our country also took part. In his post, Stefanovski expressed his disappointment with how our country was presented. Our country was presented...

Macedonia 17.05.19 | 17:39

Two minors, one of them a German citizen, robbed while visiting a fair in Skopje

Two minors, a 17 year old German citizen and a 13 year old boy from Macedonia, were robbed by a four member gang while visiting a fair in Skopje. The incident happened yesterday afternoon, in the fair that was recently put up near the Boris Trajkovski sports hall. The two were robbed of their phones.