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Macedonia Culture 22.12.20 | 19:25

Controversy surrounds appointment of new Film Agency director

The Film Agency Bojan Lazarevski as its director, on orders from the Zaev Government, before he was relieved as member of the Managing Board of the agency. Lazarevski was Zaev’s pick to replace the scandalous agency director Gorjan Tozija, who initated a dispute with Slovenia and Croatia, deeply...

Culture 28.07.20 | 14:01

Culture Ministry throws the director of the Film Agency Gorjan Tozija under the bus

The Culture Ministry warned the Film Agency not to use its official logo as its director Gorjan Tozija tries to protect himself from an anti-corruption investigation. Tozija is being investigated for his decision to pay out funds to a large number of projects where the producers have not provided the...

Macedonia 23.07.20 | 19:54

Anti-Corruption Commission calls for an investigation into the work of Film Agency director Gorjan Tozija

The Stata Anti-Corruption Commission called on the Government to investigate the work Gorjan Tozija, the head of the Macedonian Film Agency, for his decision to approve payments to numerous projects which did not provide bank guarantees for their part of the jointly funded projets. Tozija approved the...

Culture 06.07.20 | 19:28

Transparency International proposes criminal charges against Film Agency director Gorjan Tozija

Transparency International – Macedonia proposed that criminal charges are initiated against Gorjan Tozija, the director of the Film Agency, over his decision to approve payments to a long list of projects which did not submit the necessary bank guarantee to show they are viable. Tozija was recently...

Macedonia 26.06.20 | 17:32

Film Agency director Tozija signed lucrative contracts with outspoken SDSM party supporters

More trouble ahead for the Film Agency, whose director Gorjan Tozija faces an anti-corruption investigation, charges that he unlawfully sold a film and caused a diplomatic scandal when he insulted the leaders of Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. Republika can report that Tozija has approved a number of...

Macedonia 04.06.20 | 21:04

Tozija refuses to resign after being called out by Croatia, remains unapologetic for his insulting rants

The head of the Macedonian Film Agency Gorjan Tozija reversed the announcement that was made in media outlets yesterday and said that he is not resigning his position, despite the scandal he caused in relations with Croatia and Slovenia. Tozija posted dozens of angry rants aimed mainly at Croatia, but...

Culture 13.01.20 | 19:27

Film Agency: Historic event for the Macedonian cinematography, the first time a documentary is nominated in two categories

This is a historic event for Macedonian cinematography. For the first time in the history of the Oscars, a documentary film is nominated in two categories. The masterpiece of a documentary that has won countless awards and accolades over the past year and the protagonist Hatidze has become a symbol for...

Culture 22.01.19 | 14:48

Film Agency issues Call for financing projects for feature, short films, documentaries or animation films in 2019

The Macedonian Film Agency has issued a Call for financing projects for production of feature films and short films, documentaries or animation films in 2019. You can read the call on the following link.