The National Opera and Ballet (NOB) will showcase Risima Risimkin’s modern ballet “Saga (Identities)” on Tuesday as part of the 20th Dance Fest Skopje international dance festival.

The ballet is part of the festival’s “Parallels” program in collaboration with the National Opera and Ballet.

“‘Saga’ (Identities)” is an exploration of the 7/8 rhythm, presenting a collaborative creation with the National Ballet. Choreographer Risima Risimkin, composer Toni Kitanovski, scenographer Matea Mijanovikj, and costume designer Blagoj Micevski have come together to bring this production to life. The performance reveals the identities of the Red Thread and the Black Thread, played by prima ballerinas Marija Kichevska Shokarovska and Mimi Pop-Aleksova Atanasovska, respectively. The piece also features Boban Kovachevski and Balasz Lochai (Hungary) as the Wort, Sasha Evtimova as the Stitcher, Natasha Trendafilova-Gicev as Bliss, Ilijana Danilov as Poplar, and Hristina Nakjevska as Rose.

Dance Fest Skopje 2024 is backed by the Ministry of Culture, the French Institute, the Austrian Embassy in Skopje, and other sponsors. Performance venues include the National Opera and Ballet, the Macedonian National Theatre, MKC Youth Cultural Center, and the National Gallery.