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Macedonia 16.06.21 | 12:42

EU will accept Macedonian tourists

The European Union is preparing to put Macedonia on the list of countries whose citizens can safely travel to the EU as tourists. The list is also expected to include Albania and Serbia, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Macedonia Economy 21.12.20 | 17:33

Publication of incomplete list of stimulus recipients only adds to the uncertainty

After days of delay, the Government finally published the list of recipients of the 100 EUR in financial aid that is meant as part of the coronavirus stimulus package. But instead of resolving anxiety in the public, it only added to it, as it leaves out some important categories. Single parents and artists...

Macedonia 26.06.20 | 16:40

List of citizens who refused to quarantine made public

Healthcare officials published the list of 138 citizens who have refused to accept their orders to go into self-isolation, after being in contact with persons infected with the coronavirus, or after a trip to a high risk country. The list has mostly people who live in Skopje – 104 names on it...

Macedonia 11.06.20 | 14:42

Brother of a top SDSM supporting journalist publishes a “black list” of critical journalists

The politically linked brother of a top SDSM party supporting journalist issued a series of threats aimed at journalists who are critical of the Zaev regime. Vanco Ordanoski, an IT entrepreneur who has profited off of his links to the ruling SDSM party, is the brother of journalist Saso Ordanoski, one...

Macedonia 13.03.20 | 14:29

Updated list of countries with medium and high risk level of Covid-19

The Health Ministry has updated the list of countries and areas with a moderate and higher risk of COVID-19 on its website. All information, measures, recommendations, press conferences, questions and answers in relation to the new virus are available on http://zdravstvo.gov.mk/korona-virus/ Foreigners...

Macedonia 10.03.20 | 21:29

VMRO-DPMNE presents its list of candidates

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski presented the lists of candidates the opposition party is nominating at the coming early general elections. As announced, VMRO-DPMNE will have its 2019 presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova leading the 1st list in the central part of the capital...

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