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Macedonia 03.11.21 | 20:04

Srbov: It is necessary to have parliamentary elections and a new government that will address the economic and energy crisis

So the people very clearly and loudly delegitimized this ruling coalition and the only way out of the economic crisis, the energy crisis, the covid crisis can be resolved if there are new parliamentary elections as soon as possible, formation of a new government that will immediately start working on...

Macedonia 06.11.19 | 14:23

Why did Macron refuse to meet the “toxic” Zaev?

The French president for five months refuses to meet with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, and immediately agreed to meet with President Stevo Pendarovski as early as next Tuesday. “Lider” analyzes: Why does Macron refuse to meet with the “toxic” Zaev? The prime minister himself confirmed...

Columns 11.01.19 | 11:46

If the court decides impartially

The legal system is a reflection of a state. All segments of a society depend on the legal system, which is connected to the political system of the state, meaning the form of the state, to the financial relations, to the security provisions, political action, civic action, trade, transport, health,...

Columns 03.01.19 | 12:35

The year in which we defeated ourselves

The title of this column would be great for a subtitle contained in the last chapter of a history book that would be written in 2048. I want to believe that it would be the last chapter because of historical distance and not because of the uncertainty of the further survival of those who will be mentioned...

Columns 20.12.18 | 23:14

Circus at the expense of the promised economic growth

In a country that wants to become part of the European family, to integrate into the EU and NATO where democracy and the freedom of political organization and expression are undisputed, it is unacceptable that the chase that pertains to a signle person to be abused for the siege of an entire political...

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