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Macedonia 13.01.22 | 18:29

Mucunski meets Croatian Ambassador: Joint European projects and cooperation with Croatian municipalities

The Mayor of the Municipality of Aerodrom, Timco Mucunski, met with the Croatian Ambassador to Macedonia, Nives Tiganj, with whom they discussed several topics such as education, culture, environment and the like. We placed special emphasis on joint European projects and cooperation of the Municipality...

Macedonia 14.07.21 | 18:51

Zaev meets Croatian Ambassador Tiganj

Croatia’s strong support to Macedonia’s European integration was reaffirmed at a meeting between Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Croatian Ambassador Nives Tiganj on Wednesday. It was assessed that our country has fulfilled its part of the obligations on the road to EU accession and that now it’s...

Macedonia 15.01.21 | 20:18

Nikoloski meets Croatian Ambassador: Croatia provides support for positive affirmation of the country’s EU integration path

The President of the National Council for European Integration, Aleksandar Nikoloski met Friday with Croatian Ambassador, Nives Tiganj. At the meeting, I expressed satisfaction with the continuous good relations with Croatia, which as an EU member state and close friend of our country, gives support...

Macedonia 16.10.20 | 15:48

SDSM-led government is incapable of dealing with the economic crisis and the pandemic

The government led by SDSM has neither the ability nor the plan how to deal with the economic crisis and the pandemic, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski, who met today with the Croatian Ambassador to Macedonia, Nives Tiganj. At the meeting I emphasized that the government does not have...

Macedonia 18.12.19 | 22:03

Mickoski -Tiganj: Fair and democratic elections are crucial for the country’s future

VMRO-DPMNE president Hristijan Mickoski and International Secretary Timco Mucunski met Wednesday with Croatian Ambassador Nives Tiganj. At the meeting they discussed the current political developments in the country, the membership of the Republic of Macedonia in the European Union and the upcoming...

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