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Macedonia 15.03.22 | 09:45

63 percent of the positive tests were of the stealth omicron variant

Weekly tests of Covid patients showed that the stealth omicron variant BA.2 continues to dominate with 63 percent of the tests coming positive to this variant. 34.8 percent of the weekly tests came showed te BA.1 omicron variant. Overall, with 1,818 newly diagnosed cases in 30 cities across the country,...

Macedonia 06.02.22 | 10:03

Doctor Danilovski predicts that omicron will be the beginning of the end of the pandemic

Epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski predicts that the spread of the omicron strain will announce the end of the pandemic. I think this is the beginning of the end. It’s not likely that a disaster will follow with the appearance of next variants, Danilovski told Sitel TV, pointing out that each new...

Macedonia 01.02.22 | 18:29

Doctor Danilovski: Chinese made vaccines do not protect from the omicron strain

Epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski attributed the rise of infections among vaccinated patients to the use of Chinese made vaccines. For a crucial period during the summer, the Sinovac vaccine was the dominant vaccine used in Macedonia, as the public healthcare system was unable to procure other alternatives. The...

Macedonia 29.01.22 | 11:22

Dr. Danilovski: Sinopharm and Sinovac provide almost no protection against Omicron, booster dose needed

Epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski, said in an interview with “Deutsche Welle” that Omicron bypasses the immunity acquired from vaccines. No vaccine has ever completely protected against a fatal outcome! Especially against a variant of the virus that largely bypasses the immunity acquired from...

Macedonia 24.01.22 | 22:03

Isolation period for Omicron cases remains according to old rules, the Government did not find time for the proposal of the Commission for Infectious Diseases

Reducing the isolation period from 10 to 7 days for asymptomatic covid cases was not on the agenda of today’s government session. The proposal of the Commission for Infectious Diseases will probably be discussed by the authorities after the return of the ministers from Bulgaria. Meanwhile, while...

Macedonia 04.01.22 | 15:36

Eight patients identified with the omicron strain

The omicron strain of the coronavirus has been identified in eight patients from Skopje and one patient from Kocani, the Healthcare Ministry informed today. Previously, the strain was only identified in one patient who arrived to Macedonia from the UK.

Macedonia 24.12.21 | 19:13

Omicron variant identified in Macedonia for the first time

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus was detected in Macedonia for the first time. The Zan Mitrev clinic informed that it detected the variant in a male passenger who arrived from the United Kingdom. The patient already had Covid in January 2021. He is double vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, has...

Macedonia 24.12.21 | 13:11

Dr. Bekarovski: All the fuss about Omicron is only because of business and profit

All relevant and independent indications suggest that Оmicron symptoms are milder and the chances of ending up in hospital are about 80% lower than the currently dominant Delta variant in Macedonia, said Dr. Niko Bekarovski, asking – why all the fuss and instilling fear? If at the moment we have...

Macedonia 20.12.21 | 21:02

Doctor Panovski calls on the Government to impose corona tests on the border

Microbiologist Nikola Panovski called on the Government to impose restrictions on the border to prevent the spread of the new omicron strain of the coronavirus. Panovski pointed to how Greece imposed virus tests on the border and sys that Macedonia must do the same. If you ask me, I would introduce a...

Macedonia 18.12.21 | 15:34

There is no confirmed case of the Omicron variant in the country

Although the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in countries around the world, so far no case has been registered in our country. The Delta variant remains dominant, both in our country and in the countries in the region. Meanwhile, authorities are calling for more mass vaccination,...

Macedonia 14.12.21 | 14:53

Call to move schools to online teaching to slow the spread of the omicron variant

Microbiologist Nikola Panovski calls on the Government to introduce two weeks of mandatory online schooling, to prevent the spread of the new omicron variant of the coronavirus. According to Panovski, public transportation should also be reduced in this period, around the Christmas holiday, all with...

Macedonia Health 07.12.21 | 10:58

Omicron strain to come to Macedonia with the mass arrival of emigrants, before the New Year holidays, says Professor Trajkovski

Professor Dejan Trajkovski in his latest analysis analysis emphasizes that the new Omicron strain of Covid-19 in Macedonia will arrive before the New Year holidays, with the mass arrival of emigrants from Western Europe.  As the effective reproductive number Rt = 0.88 ± 0.24, which is already well...

Macedonia 29.11.21 | 13:26

There will be no new coronavirus restrictions for the time being

The Government won’t introduce new measures in light of the spread of the new Omicron strain of the coronavirus, Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce announced today. Filipce said that travel restrictions imposed on Africa, where the strain originated, won’t yield results since the virus is...

Macedonia 29.11.21 | 09:32

Corona committee will meet to discuss the Omicron variant

The Committee on Infectious Diseases will meet today to discuss the appearance of the new Omicron strain of the coronavirus. It’s not clear whether new proposals will be made regarding the fast spreading strain that originated in South Africa. The Committee already proposed that all public sector...

Macedonia 28.11.21 | 21:28

Doctor Danilovski calls for border restrictions to slow the spread of the Omicron strain

Epidemiologist and former Healthcare Minister Dragan Danilovski called on the Government to restrict entry into Macedonia, to prevent the spread of the new Omicron strain of the coronavirus. We won’t be able to stop its spread, since the strain is moving very fast, but we could gain some time....

World 27.11.21 | 11:49

Worries grow over the Omicron strain of the coronavirus

The World Health Organization named the new coronavirus strain, which originated in South Africa, the Omicron strain, and warned that it is highly transmissible. The United States and a number of EU countries are restricting travel from South Africa and other parts of Africa, in an attempt to slow the...

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