All relevant and independent indications suggest that Оmicron symptoms are milder and the chances of ending up in hospital are about 80% lower than the currently dominant Delta variant in Macedonia, said Dr. Niko Bekarovski, asking – why all the fuss and instilling fear?

If at the moment we have about 500 new infections per day, which our health system successfully absorbs, it would mean that from the Omicron variant, the health system would successfully absorb up to 4,000 new cases, because the patients would mostly stay at home. Where is the problem then? If the average duration of Covid-19 is about 10 days, it means that every day for a long period of time we would have about 40,000 active cases, which must be agreed that it can create serious economic implications and a large number of absent workers from their jobs. That’s why, because of the serious implications on businesses, there is a great deal of Omicron panic in the EU and the US. People in Western civilization have long since lost the battle with his Majesty the profit, he said.