Bojan Jovanovski from prison sent a lengthy letter to Zoran Zaev in which he asked him many questions and reminded him that he kept many messages from their WhatsApp communication.

Boki claims that emissaries of Zoran and Vice Zaev threatened him that they would eliminate him and that he would not be released alive from prison and that the claims that the government financially assisted 1TV were not true.

On the contrary, says Boki, Marian Zabrcanec, used to call him “hundreds of times a day” together with Robert Popovski and sent him links and texts that should be published.

Boki asks Zaev if he is not ashamed when he says that he only knows him from TV when half of SDSM members were guests in his home.

In the letter, Boki says Zaev’s resignation means nothing at all for him, stressing that theatrical resignation divided into several dramatic acts is just his new cunning political maneuver for salvation, and not an act of responsibility and democracy and that this country will only remember him for anarchy, betrayal, crimes, corruption and lies!!!

Moreover, Boki asks Zaev to tell how many businessmen did he extort before he became Prime Minister with the “The truth about Macedonia” project when he selectively released the so-called bombs. Claiming that he has evidence about, Boki pointed out to Siljan Micevski as one of the businessmen who paid Zaev not to release their tapes, which he also did not hand over to the then formed SPO.

Boki also mentions Zaev’s relation with Zoran Milevski Kiceec, who he says helped rig the presidential elections in the Ohrid region when when Pendarovski narrowly won and the local elections in Ohrid when SDSM candidate won.

Then, Boki refers to Zaev’s relation with Saso Mijalkov and Orce Kamcev, to their agreements in relation to the “Empire” case and the “Racket” case.

In the letter, Boki also claims that Zaev from the position of Prime Minister blackmailed Katica Janeva to return Kamcev his passport and to release Kamcev and Mijalkov from custody.

According to Boki, Zaev forced him to write a letter while I was in the Sutka prison in which he will glorify Zaev’s name and write that he had nothing to do with the “Racket” case.