Epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski, said in an interview with “Deutsche Welle” that Omicron bypasses the immunity acquired from vaccines.

No vaccine has ever completely protected against a fatal outcome! Especially against a variant of the virus that largely bypasses the immunity acquired from vaccines, such as Omicron, said epidemiologist Danilovski, as reports these days include more deaths among patients that had received two Covid-19 vaccines.

The epidemiologist believes that if the coverage with the third (booster) dose is higher, unnecessary casualties would be avoided.

It raises the level of protection against Omicron to about 50 percent, against hospitalization to about 90 percent and against death over 90 percent. Unfortunately, the coverage with the third (booster) dose in our country is symbolic, Danilovski told DW.

Danilovski points out that protection from vaccines lasts only a few months, so that all those who have been vaccinated from the beginning of the vaccination in Macedonia until 3-6 months ago, protection against infection has virtually disappeared, and protection against hospitalization and death has been significantly reduced.

An unfavorable moment, according to him, is the fact that a huge number of citizens were vaccinated with the Chinese Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines, which provide almost no protection against Omicron.

In the period between January 21 and January 26 – 36 people who were fully vaccinated, or more than a third – found themselves among the hundreds of citizens who lost the battle with Covid-19.