Tag: Dragan Danilovski
Macedonia 28.01.21 | 19:54

Dr. Danilovski: It is very likely that there are more cases of the UK strain of the virus in our country

It is very likely that there are more cases of the UK strain of the virus in our country. The question is how the virus got here in the country, said Dr. Danilovski in an interview with Sitel. He says that the virus seems to be present in our country much earlier. Disappointingly, the person infected...

Macedonia 19.11.20 | 23:08

Danilovski: Weekend restrictions and curfew needed

Epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski believes that without weekend restrictions and curfew, the health system will not be able to cope with the pace of 1,000 patients per day and about 30 dead. The current measures show that this growth of patients can be stopped, which means that in some coming longer period...

Macedonia 18.10.20 | 20:53

Dr. Danilovski: Curfew starting at 21 h needed

Urgent measures are needed to prevent a catastrophe. It is necessary to put some barrier that will stop the surge, warns Dr. Dragan Danilovski. He demanded strict restrictions and without sentimentality. That means curfew and not from 21h but maybe from 21h and restricting movement in some areas where...

Macedonia 09.06.20 | 19:47

Danilovski: We cannot blame the people, we have to ask ourselves why the people react like that?

After the authorities pointed the finger at the citizens for non-observing the measures, epidemiologist Dragan Danilovski told “Alfa” that the citizens are not as guilty as the authorities failed to provide enough information about the virus. Lack of enough information has done its thing....

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