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Macedonia 14.07.23 | 09:01

US diplomat Chollet urges Macedonia to accept the Bulgarian demands

In a statement to MIA, US diplomat Derek Chollet called on Macedonia to accept the Bulgarian demands and amend its Constitution. Chollet praised the country for what he called “courage and dedication” in the concessions made to Greece to bring Macedonia into NATO and insisted that now a new...

Macedonia 02.04.23 | 17:08

Mucunski: State Department report shows that Macedonia is in deep stagnation and has serious corruption issues

All reports, whether they are prepared by governments or international NGO groups show that the last year was a year of failures in Macedonia, a year with no reforms and that it continues the trend of stagnation in our country, said Aerodrom Mayor Timco Mucunski during the discussion on the latest State...

Macedonia 13.04.22 | 20:06

State Department notes corruption, threats against journalists and other issues in its 2021 human rights report on Macedonia

The US State Department published its 2021 human rights report. The report on Macedonia cites threats against journalists, the high corruption levels, poor prison conditions and other violations. Significant human rights issues included credible reports of: inhuman and degrading conditions and severe...

Macedonia 01.11.21 | 21:06

State Department says they are following the situation in Macedonia after Zaev announced his resignation

The US State Department told Voice of America that it is following developments in Macedonia after Zoran Zaev announced he will resign as Prime Minister and SDSM party leader, following his total defeat in the local elections. The State Department said that it considers Macedonia as a trustworthy and...

Macedonia 07.10.21 | 09:27

State Department welcomes the EU summit decisions on Balkan enlargement

State Department spokesman Ned Price tweeted that the US welcomes the conclusions of the EU – Balkans summit in Slovenia, even though it brought no progress in expanding the EU toward the Balkans, and the proposal to set a firm date to bring the Balkans in the EU by 2030 was rejected in favor of...

World 30.09.21 | 16:57

Karen Donfried nominated as new top US diplomat in Europe

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken appointed Karen Donfried as the new Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia. Donfried is head of the German Marshall Fund. She would replace Philip Reeker, who was acting Assistant Secretary, and is now acting Ambassador to the UK.

Macedonia 25.07.21 | 16:54

“Under Zaev, Macedonia became synonymous with crime and corruption”

Under Zoran Zaev, Macedonia became synonymous with crime and corruption, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski, after the publication of the latest State Department investment report. The report is highly critical of Macedonia, citing reports of corruption of Government officials and the selective...

Macedonia 24.07.21 | 13:26

Misajlovski: The State Department report outlines the crime and corruption of the Zaev Government

The latest US State Department report confirms that Zoran Zaev has dragged Macedonia to the bottom, and mired it in crime and corruption, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Vladimir Misajlovski. The report, published yesterday, notes corruption among Government officials, and selective targeting of crimes. Zoran...

Macedonia 07.07.21 | 23:57

US report notes the persistent problem of corruption in Macedonia

In a report on investment climate, the US State Department determines that corruption remains a persistent problem in the country. The report notes that doing business in Macedonia is relatively easy, but points the problem of corruption. The report also finds that the pandemic quickly undercut the economic...

Macedonia 12.05.21 | 23:02

State Departments notes anti-Semitic attacks aimed at Rasela Mizrahi in its latest report on religious freedom

The US State Department listed the anti-Semitic insults hurled by SDSM party activists and affiliated journalists against Rasela Mizrahi in its latest report on religious freedoms in Macedonia. Mizrahi was named by VMRO-DPMNE as the first ever Jewish person in the Macedonian Government, but was quickly...

Macedonia 31.03.21 | 20:05

State Department human rights report notes the persecution of journalists critical of the Zaev regime

The annual State Department report on human rights in Macedonia notes the persecution of two critical journalists by the Zaev regime. Both Aleksandar Mitovski from the Infomax news site and Ljupco Zlatev from Lider.mk were charged after publishing leaked, confidential reports that pointed to abuse of...

Macedonia 05.04.20 | 10:52

160 citizens leave the state-run quarantine

The Government of Macedonia informed that yesterday the state-run quarantine for 160 Macedonian nationals was successfully completed, who spent 14 days in strict security and health conditions at the Ibis Hotel in Skopje (Taftalidze) and a facility in Demir Kapija. The people who have successfully completed...