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Macedonia 25.07.23 | 14:52

Another MP of the ruling majority won’t vote for the constitutional amendments

Enes Ibrahim, a member of the Party for the Turkish Movement, which is in coalition with the ruling SDSM, announced that he won’t support the constitutional amendments, making the thin ruling majority even thinner. Ibrahim objects to the structure of the Committee for Relation between the Communities,...

News 30.05.23 | 20:57

8,000 Turks died for Macedonia’s freedom in the WW2, and now the Government wants to erase the history

  The Government didn’t ‘hurry to congratulate Taip Erdogan on his victory, and it should have. Well, that is nothing new to me, the leader of the Party of Turks in Macedonia, Professor Adnan Kyahil said in an interview with TV Alfa. “Turkey always called us ‘The Republic...

Macedonia 29.05.23 | 14:51

Macedonian Turks were celebrating Erdogan’s victory until early morning hours

Members of the Turkish ethnic community celebrated in Skopje President Taip Erdogan’s electoral victory until early Monday morning. Organized in vehicles with Turkish flags, the Macedonian Turks were driving around the city’s central area, honking and shouting.    

Macedonia 07.12.21 | 17:30

Zaev’s Turkish partner also feels cheated after his deal with Gashi

After reservations expressed from Zaev’s smaller partners LDP, DOM, NSDP and DS over his new coalition agreement with the Alternative party, critical comments also came from his other ethnic coalition partners. Zaev’s coalition partners dissatisfied with his deal with Gashi, but are unlikely...

Macedonia 19.09.21 | 10:19

Turkish groups say they won’t recognize the census if their share of the population is below 7 percent

Emin Husrev, head of the main association of Turkish NGO groups in Macedonia, said that the Turkish community won’t recognize the 2021 census if the Turkish share of the population ends up below 7 percent. Based on analysis conducted in March, based on field research, polls by our NGOs and reports...