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Macedonia 26.02.21 | 11:51

Noted surgeon Gjorgji Jota badly injured after being ran over by a 16 year old in an SUV

Noted surgeon Gjorgji Jota was ran over by a 16 year old driving a BMW SUV near the Mother Teresa clinical complex. Jota is badly injured in the accident and is reportedly in coma. Eyewitnesses say that the minor driver tried to flee the scene, but was caught by the police.

Macedonia 14.02.21 | 13:31

Driver killed in an accident near Gostivar as heavy snow makes many roads hazardous

A motorist was killed in a traffic accident on the Gostivar – Kicevo road. Two passengers were also badly injured. All of them are in their 50-ies. The vehicle, a BMW with Swiss license plates, slid off the road due to the heavy snow around midnight. Local and national authorities were caught flat-footed...

Macedonia 12.10.20 | 10:45

Traffic patrols intensified after the tragic accident near Skopje

Skopje police took to the streets yesterday and fined over 300 drivers for speeding and other violations, after a tragic accident in which a 10 year old child and a man were killed in the village of Trubarevo. The tragedy was caused by driver who was speeding at least twice over the speed limit in a...

Macedonia 06.09.20 | 09:14

Father suspects that the light sentence against the killer of his son was arranged

Zoran Dimitrievski, the father of Goce Dimitrievski who was killed in a traffic accident two years ago, told Sitel TV that he was advised to remain silent during the sentencing, not to provoke a reaction from the judge. The judge passed merely a suspended sentence to the driver who killed Goce Dimitrievski,...

Macedonia 30.07.20 | 12:48

Scooter driver killed in an accident in Bitola

A young man from Bitola was killed while driving an electric scooter yesterday afternoon. The 26 year old man was hit by a car while driving in the northern part of the city. He was immediately taken to a hospital but succumbed to the injuries.

Macedonia 18.07.20 | 19:35

Police stopped a group of 43 illegal migrants fro Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria.. after a traffic accident

Police revealed additional details about the traffic accident on the highway near Skopje on Friday, which involved a large group of illegal immigrants. The van with Skopje licence plates that hit a concrete post was carrying a total of 43 immigrants – from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan...

Macedonia 12.07.20 | 21:46

13 injured in car accident near Stip village

Thirteen people were injured Sunday near the Stip village of Lakavica after two vehicles collided with one of the them carrying migrants. Police spokesman Gordana Panajotova confirmed that two vehicles collided, but fell short of providing more details because investigation is ongoing. Alen Georgiev,...

Macedonia 15.06.20 | 11:19

Migrant trafficker hit a police car near Kumanovo, fled the scene leaving eight Pakistanis behind

A migrant trafficker caused an accident with a police car on Sunday evening as he was transporting eight illegal migrants near Kumanovo. The trafficker hit a police “Renault Megan” with his “Volkswagen Passat” and then fled the scene. Inside the Passat were eight migrants from...

Macedonia 11.06.20 | 11:35

Migrant killed in a railway accident near Veles

An man, presumed to be an illegal migrant, was killed in a railway accident south of Veles early this morning. Migrants who enter Macedonia from Greece frequently follow the railway line knowing that it will lead them straight north to Serbia, but the practice is dangerous even with the slow moving trains....

Macedonia 08.06.20 | 20:25

One dead when a car transporting illegal migrants had a high speed accident near Strumica

Eyewitnesses from Strumica are reporting a serious traffic accident this evening, when a vehicle transporting illegal migrants was trying to flee the police and plowed into another vehicle. The incident happened near the village of Vasilevo, on the Strumica – Radovis road. Witnesses say that one...

Macedonia 23.05.20 | 20:33

Nation bows to the woman whose donated organs are helping save three lives

Emilija Dineva was the name of the woman who died in a traffic accident, and whose family agreed to donate her organs to patients in need. Her heart was transplanted into a 54 year old patient with serious heart disease, in the first heart transplant carried out in Macedonia. Dineva died in a crash while...

World 30.01.20 | 18:48

V4: Court orders criminal supervision of another captain involved in Danube boat tragedy

The captain of the Viking Idun has been placed under criminal supervision by a binding court ruling, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Budapest has told Hungary’s state news agency (MTI). The Viking Idun was following another ship, the Viking Sigyn, which collided with a Hungarian sightseeing...

Macedonia 05.01.20 | 12:09

Part of Kavadarci left without electricity after a car crash

Part of the city of Kavadarci was left without electricity following a crash in which a car hit a distribution pylon. The driver, who was driving way over the speed limit, sustained serious injuries in the overnight accident. Fortunately there were no other people in the car.

Macedonia 19.12.19 | 13:53

Young girl in critical condition, two others injured after being hit by a car in Skopje’s Cair area

A young girl is in critical condition and two others also injured when a car hit them in downtown Skopje earlier today. The incident occurred in the Cair district shortly before noon. A Passat car hit the girls who were walking along the busy street. All were quickly taken to the Mother Teresa clinic...

Balkans 07.12.19 | 20:35

Number of injuries in the Macedonian bus accident near Prokuplje rose to 26

The number of passengers injured in the bus accident that occurred near Prokuplje in Serbia rose to 26. None are believed to be in critical danger, and one has sustained more serious injuries. The passengers are treated in the hospitals in Prokuplje and Bace, and more in depth examinations are being...

Macedonia 04.09.19 | 16:35

Macedonian national killed in a collision in Poland

A thirty-five-year-old Macedonian died yesterday in a car crash around 16h near Piotrkow, Poland. The crash resulted in a collision of two trucks, with the Macedonian driver stuck in the truck’s cab. Emergency crews arrived immediately at the scene of the accident but failed to rescue him. According...

Macedonia 30.05.19 | 15:34

Racing to join the EU: Bujar Osmani filmed running a red light

On the day of the publication of the European Union progress report, which details Macedonia’s adherence to rule of law principles, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of EU integration Bujar Osmani was filmed running a red light. The video was published by a journalist who claims that it the vehicle...

World 30.05.19 | 10:19

Seven dead, a dozen missing after tourist boat accident in Budapest

A tragic boat accident claimed the lives of 7 people, and 16 more are missing in Budapest. A Danube river tourist boat hit another, larger boat, during a strong storm which limited visibility. According to the V4 news agency, there were 34 people aboard the ship Hableany, most of them tourists from...

Macedonia 29.05.19 | 15:50

Deputy Culture Minister says he will resign if found guilty after he hit a motorcycle driver

Deputy Culture Minister Vladimir Lazovski said he will offer his resignation if he is found guilty after a traffic accident today in front of the Macedonian Parliament, where he hit a motorcycle with his car. Photographs from the scene show Lazovski’s car above the double line, indicating that...

Macedonia 15.02.19 | 13:54

Claims that Vinica police chief is covering up a drunken car accident caused by his son

Vinica police has been quiet about a traffic accident which allegedly happened six days ago. According to the MKD.mk news site, an internal audit has begun in the case, after claims that the son of the local police chief was involved in a drunken accident and that the case is being covered up. The site...