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Macedonia 17.05.22 | 10:44

Young woman from Macedonia dies in workplace accident in Denmark

A 22 year old woman from Macedonia tragically died in Denmark. She was killed at a school, where she worked operated a washing mashing when an accident happened. The woman was rushed to hospital with serious injuries, but did not make it.

Macedonia 11.04.22 | 11:05

Driver sentenced to three years in prison over accident near “City Mall”

Judge Ljubinka Basevska sentenced the driver Jordan Gjorgjiev to three years in prison over the car accident near “City Mall”, in which 24-year-old Viktorija Nikolova from Radovis died. He is also banned from driving a Category B vehicle for a period of three years from the verdict. The verdict...

Macedonia 03.02.22 | 19:20

Two dozen passengers injured in a triple car crash in Bitola

Two dozen passengers were injured in a triple crash in Bitola today. The accident involved a van carrying workers from the Kromberg & Schubert factory, a bus and a parked tow truck. It happened after 15h, when the work shift in the factory ended. The injured passengers are being treated in the Bitola...

Macedonia 26.01.22 | 17:45

Bizarre: Mother who lost her daughter in a much publicized traffic accident herself caused a fatal accident

An elderly pedestrian was killed on the “Goce Delcev”bridge in downtown Skopje after he was hit by a driver from Kumanovo. The 76 year old pedestrian was crossing the busy boulevard at or close to the pedestrian crossing – the crossing is not served with a traffic light, and it is up to the...

Macedonia 23.11.21 | 18:13

Tragedy strikes Macedonia – 45 killed in a bus accident in Bulgaria

Macedonia awoke today to reports about a major tragedy – the death of 45 passengers in an accident in Bulgaria. The bus owned by the Skopje based BESA Tours company was returning from a shopping and tourist trip to Istanbul. Macedonia is honoring the Day of the Albanian Alphabet, and some of the...

Macedonia 23.11.21 | 08:35

TRAGEDY: 46 dead in a Macedonian bus fire in Bulgaria

A Macedonian bus returning home from a trip to Istanbul caught fire overnight, while crossing through Bulgaria. Almost all of the passengers were killed in the tragedy. Most of the killed are Macedonian citizens, but reportedly there are also Serbian citizens among them. Initial reports are that 46 people...

Macedonia 14.11.21 | 20:49

Ohrid court gives a suspended sentence to driver who caused an accident with two fatalities and three serious injuries

Family members and friends of two young men who died in a traffic accident last summer are expressing their outrage after the driver who caused it was given a suspended sentence. Besides the two fatalities, three girls were badly injured in the crash on the Ohrid – St. Naum road. They claim that...

Macedonia 19.09.21 | 22:57

Serious traffic accident in Ohrid

The daughter of a well known businessman from Ohrid caused a traffic accident this afternoon, flipping her Mercedes. There are no casualties reported in the accident. Republika will not reveal the identity of the driver until the police issues its official report.

Macedonia 08.09.21 | 10:38

Zoki Kiceec, mobster close to the Zaev regime, ordered into detention after causing a fatal traffic accident

The court in Gostivar ordered the politically linked mobster Zoran Mileskii – Zoki Kiceec into a month long detention, after it was determined that he caused the fatal car crash on Saturday in which a young father of was killed. The incident caused outrage since Kiceec was already supposed to have...

Macedonia 04.09.21 | 18:39

Fatal accident on the Gostivar – Kicevo road: Mafia figure close to Zaev was reportedly involved

One person was killed and seven are injured in a horrific triple car crash that happened today on the mountainous Gostivar – Kicevo road. Local media are reporting that a mafia figure close to the Zaev regime named Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kiceec was involved in the crash, and pictures from the...

Macedonia 15.07.21 | 12:31

Woman killed in third fatal traffic accident in Skopje in two weeks

A45 year old woman was killed in a horrific traffic accident in Skopje’s Zhelezara district yesterday afternoon. The woman was hit by an Audi-A5, driven by a 46 year old man. This is the third fatal accident in the capital in two weeks.   

Macedonia 11.07.21 | 14:51

Migrant lost a leg in a train accident near Krivolak

Two migrants were hit by a train near Krivolak just after midnight today. One of them sustained serious injuries and doctors in Veles amputated his left leg. The other is only lightly injured. Migrants often follow the railroad tracks when crossing through Macedonia on their way north along the Balkan...

Macedonia 26.02.21 | 11:51

Noted surgeon Gjorgji Jota badly injured after being ran over by a 16 year old in an SUV

Noted surgeon Gjorgji Jota was ran over by a 16 year old driving a BMW SUV near the Mother Teresa clinical complex. Jota is badly injured in the accident and is reportedly in coma. Eyewitnesses say that the minor driver tried to flee the scene, but was caught by the police.

Macedonia 14.02.21 | 13:31

Driver killed in an accident near Gostivar as heavy snow makes many roads hazardous

A motorist was killed in a traffic accident on the Gostivar – Kicevo road. Two passengers were also badly injured. All of them are in their 50-ies. The vehicle, a BMW with Swiss license plates, slid off the road due to the heavy snow around midnight. Local and national authorities were caught flat-footed...

Macedonia 12.10.20 | 10:45

Traffic patrols intensified after the tragic accident near Skopje

Skopje police took to the streets yesterday and fined over 300 drivers for speeding and other violations, after a tragic accident in which a 10 year old child and a man were killed in the village of Trubarevo. The tragedy was caused by driver who was speeding at least twice over the speed limit in a...

Macedonia 06.09.20 | 09:14

Father suspects that the light sentence against the killer of his son was arranged

Zoran Dimitrievski, the father of Goce Dimitrievski who was killed in a traffic accident two years ago, told Sitel TV that he was advised to remain silent during the sentencing, not to provoke a reaction from the judge. The judge passed merely a suspended sentence to the driver who killed Goce Dimitrievski,...

Macedonia 30.07.20 | 12:48

Scooter driver killed in an accident in Bitola

A young man from Bitola was killed while driving an electric scooter yesterday afternoon. The 26 year old man was hit by a car while driving in the northern part of the city. He was immediately taken to a hospital but succumbed to the injuries.

Macedonia 18.07.20 | 19:35

Police stopped a group of 43 illegal migrants fro Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria.. after a traffic accident

Police revealed additional details about the traffic accident on the highway near Skopje on Friday, which involved a large group of illegal immigrants. The van with Skopje licence plates that hit a concrete post was carrying a total of 43 immigrants – from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan...

Macedonia 12.07.20 | 21:46

13 injured in car accident near Stip village

Thirteen people were injured Sunday near the Stip village of Lakavica after two vehicles collided with one of the them carrying migrants. Police spokesman Gordana Panajotova confirmed that two vehicles collided, but fell short of providing more details because investigation is ongoing. Alen Georgiev,...

Macedonia 15.06.20 | 11:19

Migrant trafficker hit a police car near Kumanovo, fled the scene leaving eight Pakistanis behind

A migrant trafficker caused an accident with a police car on Sunday evening as he was transporting eight illegal migrants near Kumanovo. The trafficker hit a police “Renault Megan” with his “Volkswagen Passat” and then fled the scene. Inside the Passat were eight migrants from...

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