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Economy 15.05.22 | 10:39

Government plans to issue a 600 million EUR bond?

Telma TV reports that the Government plans to issue another large euro denominated bond. According to their reports, the bond may reach as high as 600 million EUR and will be issued soon. This would be on top of the 900 million EUR the Government is seeking from the International Monetary Fund. And with...

Macedonia 08.03.22 | 20:12

Police officer and a drug gangster arrested after the bank robbery in Skopje

Special police units detained a police officer and a narco mafia member after the armed robbery of a bank in Skopje today. An Uni Bank branch in the Kapistec part of Skopje was hit around noon by three armed attackers, during which one of them fired once. Police officers found bullet proof vests, gloves,...

Macedonia 08.03.22 | 17:07

Police dragnet in central Skopje after three armed men robbed a bank

Police is out in force in downtown Skopje, searching all vehicles under Mt. Vodno, after a brazen armed robbery in abank. The attack happened shortly after noon, when three armed men confronted the workers at an unnamed bank. One of them fired once during the robbery. The three got off with cash and...

Macedonia Economy 16.11.20 | 12:24

Association of savers who lost deposits in the failed Eurostandard Bank blames the Zaev family

The association of savers who had deposits in the bankrupt Eurostandard Bank are alleging that its collapse was a clear case of organized crime. Owner Trifun Kostovski is also saying that companies linked to the ruling SDSM party, based in Prime Minister Zoran Zaev’s fief of Strumica, collected...

Macedonia Economy 29.10.20 | 17:47

Three quarters of savers of the failed Eurostandard Bank have recovered their deposits

Depositors of the bankrupt Eurostandard Bank collected nearly 50 million EUR so far, which is three quarters of the total amount that will be distributed. The bank, owned by oligarch Trifun Kostovski, collapsed earlier this year after years of mismanagement and, according to Kostovski, deliberately approved...

Economy 27.09.20 | 11:28

Between 20 and 30 percent of bank debtors have asked for a second grace period

Banks are reporting that between 20 and 30 percent of the citizens who sought to postpone the payment of their loans, have asked to use the second grace period that is offered. As the coronavirus epidemic began to hit Macedonia in March, banks offered their individual and corporate clients a six months...

Economy 02.09.20 | 09:05

Banks consider a second grace period for debtors hit by the coronavirus crisis

As many companies are set to begin repaying their loans in October, the NBRM Central Bank proposed that commercial banks allow another extension until March 2021 for companies and individuals who are in difficult position because of the coronavirus epidemic. With the onset of the coronavirus, banks were...

Economy 23.08.20 | 10:28

20,000 retirees were late in replacing their Eurostandard Bank accounts, and will not get their pensions on time

Only 30,000 retirees who were collecting their pensions through the Eurostandard Bank were able to switch to a different bank until Friday, which was the deadline given by the PIOM fund. That leaves 20,000 retirees who likely won’t be able to collect their pensions at the start of September, and...

Economy 17.08.20 | 15:18

Eurostandard Bank customers crowd other bank branches trying to migrate their accounts

Long lines are developing in front of Eurostandard Bank branches, but also in front of other banks, as citizens are trying to open new accounts. Eurostandard collapsed last week after a long period of mismanagement which owner Trifun Kostovski blamed on the top management he said were planning to weaken...

Economy 14.08.20 | 14:10

VMRO accuses companies linked to SDSM of taking out loans in Eurostandard Bank before it collapsed

VMRO-DPMNE official Gordana Dimitrieska – Kocoska called the prosecutors to investigate which companies from Strumica, linked to the SDSM party, had non-performing loans with the collapsed Eurostandard Bank. The bank lost its licence on Wednesday, shocking the relatively stable banking sector in...

Economy 11.04.20 | 11:03

About a third of bank customers rejected the offer to have their debt payments postponed

Between 30 and 40 percent of companies and households declined the offer from their banks to postpone debt payments for up to six months. The proposals were auto-approved and citizens and company owners were asked to contact the banks if they want to reject the offer. Each bank set its own terms, but...

Economy 27.03.20 | 17:03

Proposal to force banks to provide debt reprogramming

Serious measures to respond to the coronavirus linked economic downturn in the banking industry are yet to be taken. The Government proposed to the commercial banks to voluntarily look into providing relief to their debtors, but few of them have announced such moves so far. Payments of bank loans should...

Macedonia 07.02.20 | 11:25

Bank robbery reported in Veles

Media outlets from Veles are reporting that a bank was robbed this morning. According to the early reports, there was one armed attacker, who barged into a bank in downtown Veles at 9:30 and ordered employees to give him money, after which he fled. There are no reports of injuries.

Macedonia 18.01.20 | 19:04

NLB bank robbers torched their getaway vehicle in a village near Skopje

The armed bank robbery that was carried out on Friday in Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district was perpetrated by three attackers, the police informed today. The gang attacked an NLB bank branch and took about 8.700 EUR after threatening the employees with their weapons. After the robbery they fled in...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 19:59

Armed robbers grabbed 8.700 EUR from a bank in Skopje

Armed robbers took off with 8.700 EUR in their hit on an NLB bank branch in Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district. The bank was robbed this morning. No customers or employees were harmed during the incident, the bank said.

Macedonia 06.03.19 | 17:15

Central bank plans to begin printing its new name on the newly printed bills

The central bank plans to begin issuing notes under its new name, the “National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia”. An order signed by Governor Anita Angelovska Bezovska, published in the Official Gazette, informs that the next issue of 10 and 500 denar bills printed by the bank will...

Macedonia 04.02.19 | 14:21

Five masked men armed with automatic rifles rob Halk bank near Skopje

Five masked men armed with automatic rifles robbed a Halk bank in the northern industrial zone Vizbegovo near Skopje. There is no confirmation about the amount of money stolen by the attackers from the Turkish owned bank chain. The Interior Ministry still hasn’t released any details about the attack.