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Macedonia 20.04.24 | 19:50

Club for Aegean Macedonians opens in Skopje

The White Sea Club was opened in Skopje today – it is a gathering place and library for Macedonians expelled by Greece from Aegean Macedonia, or Macedonia by the White Sea. Sotir Lukrovski, head of the Vmbel Aegean association and coordinator of the associations of Aegean Macednians opened the...

Macedonia 11.08.23 | 20:45

Viktor Stojanov says that he’s close to setting up a Bulgarian club in Macedonia

Bulgarian activist in Macedonia Viktor Stojanov said that his “Macedonia Foundation” is close to forming a Bulgarian football club. In an interview with a Bulgarian news outlet, Stojanov said that the club is currently playing in the Third League, and is headquartered in a city close to the...

Macedonia 20.05.23 | 10:16

Bulgaria awards citizenship to heads of two controversial clubs opened in Macedonia

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev granted citizenship to the heads of the two Bulgarian clubs recently opened in Macedonia, which caused serious controversy and deteriorated relations between the two countries. The clubs in Bitola and Ohrid are named after former VMRO leader Vanco Mihajlov and Bulgarian...

Macedonia 02.05.23 | 22:59

After only six months, the Macedonian club in Blagoevgrad will close down

Only six months after it was opened, the Macedonian cultural center Nikola Jonkov Vapcarov in Blagoevgrad will be closed. Bulgarian authorities used regulatory measures against the Macedonian activists,  and the club also had its windows smashed by municipal workers – who were praised for their...

Macedonia 31.03.23 | 13:19

Bulgarian club Tsar Boris III in Ohrid ordered to change its name

Justice Minister Krenar Loga signed the decision that compels the recently opened Bulgarian club in Ohrid to change its name – the club is named Tsar Boris III, and this is in violation of the new law that prevents civic organizations from using names associated with the Nazi ideology. The club...

Macedonia 06.01.23 | 15:40

Greek authorities are moving to close the Macedonian language school in Lerin

Greek prosecutors are issuing summons to organizers of the first Macedonian language school that opened last month in Lerin (Florina in Greek), and are apparently looking for a reason to shut it down, MKD reports. The opening of the club is being disputed by Greek nationalist organizations. Neo-Nazi...

Macedonia 02.11.22 | 08:37

Parliament moves ahead with law that would ban the opening of clubs that promote Nazism

Members of the Political System Committee of the Macedonian Parliament yesterday discussed the proposed changes to the law on association that would ban organizations that honor Nazi figures. The proposal is being fast tracked through Parliament after several Bulgarian organizations, with the full support...

Macedonia 30.10.22 | 12:22

Bulgarian nationalists are gathering in Blagoevgrad, say they will protest at a distance from the Macedonian cultural center

Bulgarian nationalists from the VMRO-BND party announced that they will protest the opening of a Macedonian cultural club in the city, but from a distance, to avoid making an incident. They are expected to gather at the monument of Goce Delcev. police presence is reported in the city, as Macedonian organizations...

Macedonia 30.10.22 | 11:31

LIVE VIDEO – Opening of the Macedonian cultural center in Blagoevgrad

Macedonian organizations in Blagoevgrad are opening their first cultural center in Bulgaria today. Opposition officials from Macedonia will attend the event. You can follow the ceremony live.      

Macedonia 04.05.22 | 16:41

No clear answer from the Government about the opening of a Bulgarian club in Bitola named after a Nazi collaborator

The Government did not respond clearly to a question from Republika, over whether it plans to take any action after the opening of a Bulgarian club in Bitola named after Nazi collaborator Vanco Mihajlov. We expect things to be clearer in the coming period so that the public can be informed. What is important...

Macedonia 03.05.22 | 15:21

New political club aims to restore friendship between Macedonia and Bulgaria

Via a Zoom meeting, Macedonian and Bulgarian politicians, scholars and public figures set up a club meant to improve relations between the two countries – which are badly worsened after the Bulgarian veto of Macedonia’s EU accession talks. On the Macedonian side, the club will include former...

Macedonia 03.05.22 | 09:51

Macedonian man on trial for murder in the Croatian city of Varazhdin

A 23 year old Macedonian citizen is being charged in Croatia, in the city of Varazhdin, for a murder and the stabbing of four other people. The incident happened in front of a night club on Thursday early in the morning. The victim was also a young man, and was fatally stabbed twice in the stomach. The...

Macedonia 11.07.21 | 12:24

Nine dancers arrested in a night club in Tetovo in a prostitution raid

Nine dancers were arrested in a night club near Tetovo, where they were likely engaging in prostitution.  Four were Macedonian citizens, three are from Russia and one each from Albania and Ukraine, aged between 22 and 44.

Macedonia 18.12.20 | 11:59

Skopje’s Mosh club raided for curfew violations again

The fashionable Mosh club in Skopje was raided again yesterday evening, as it was found that it’s working past 21h. Police officers assisted the inspectors who found several dozen guests. During the raid, some of the guests tried to flee over the fence, while others confronted the inspectors and drunkenly...

Macedonia 08.12.20 | 18:49

Fourteen women detained in night club raid in Tetovo

Tetovo police raided a night club yesterday, and detained 14 females – foreign citizens. The women were citizens of Albania (7), Serbia (6) and Kosovo (1).  The owner of the club was also detained. Apart from likely operating as front for prostitution, the club was in violation of coronavirus...

Macedonia 19.07.20 | 15:34

Calls to shut down a Strumica night club after photos of a packed concert cause outrage

Photographs from the packed Avatar nightclub in Strumica, with young people partying without any protection and even less distancing, caused outrage in the country. Healthacre Minister Venko Filipce called on the police to intervene, but this could be difficult given that the owner appears to be a major...