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Macedonia 17.04.20 | 11:10

Mickoski: On Easter, our thoughts are with those fighting the epidemic

Let’s be worthy as men who were shown the way to salvation at these times when our pepole is fighting a deadly virus. Let’s be wise and brave and draw on the battle of Christ, who defeated death, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, in his message congratulating the faithful on the...

Macedonia 30.03.20 | 18:43

VMRO-DPMNE congratulates to the citizens on Macedonia’s NATO accession, notes their sense of humiliation and need for change

VMRO-DPMNE issued a message congratulating the public on Macedonia’s official admission to NATO. This is the result of the extensive efforts of many previous generations. NATO represents our joint defense and an organization through which Macedonia will be able to realize its strategic. It is a...

Macedonia 06.05.19 | 10:09

Meta, Hahn, Kurz congratulate Pendarovski on his win

The SDSM – DUI candidate Stevo Pendarovski received his first congratulations on winning the presidential elections. The first message came from Albanian President Ilir Meta. Albanian voters made the difference for Pendarovski, who easily lost the Macedonian vote in the elections. Meta phoned Pendarovski...

Macedonia 25.01.19 | 19:31

Zaev’s Government congratulates the citizens on the ratification of the “North Macedonia” deal in Greece

Zaev’s Government issued a press release congratulating the public on the ratification of the deal to rename Macedonia in the Greek Parliament. According to the press release, the so-called Prespa deal will help development in the region. We congratulate on the peace, progress and development which...

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