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Macedonia 08.08.23 | 16:39

Fight between Skopje city parks workers

Troubles in the management of the city of Skopje continue. Workers from the City Parks utility company were filmed engaged in a fight with each other. The reason for the fight has not been made public. The video shows two groups fighting each other next to a park vehicle, while some workers are trying...

Macedonia 04.08.23 | 13:34

Four wounded in guns and knives fight between two families in Cair

Two families from Skopje’s Cair district got into a fight yesterday. The groups used guns and knives in the fight. A man and a minor sustained gun injuries and two men were stabbed. The police is investigating the reason for the confrontation.

Macedonia 18.07.23 | 15:59

Fight at the public pool in Stip

A fight broke out at the Stip public pool yesterday. Men young and old, but also several women, took part in the fight. A video, posted by a local media outlet, shows children watching in shock as the incident was developing. https://www.facebook.com/100071873975887/videos/1549822839117570/?ref=embed_video&t=1  

Handball 26.03.23 | 21:32

Fight breaks out during the Vardar-Pelister handball match

Mass fight interrupted the Vardar-Pelister handball match in the “Jane Sandanski” hall in Skopje. The great match filled the hall literally to the last place. Five minutes after the start of the match, Pelister’s fans, the popular “Ckembari”, were let into the hall and...

Macedonia 15.10.22 | 11:13

Police prevented a fight between hundreds of youths in Skopje

Police had to react yesterday to prevent a massive fight between several hundreds youths in Skopje. The fight was scheduled online, and was supposed to take place at the popular Biser shopping center in the eastern Aerodrom district. Police arrived on time and prevented a major incident.

Macedonia 03.01.22 | 18:39

Mass brawl between Macedonians and Kosovans in the ski resort of Mavrovo

Four Kosovan citizens and four men from Macedonia were arrested after a massive brawl yesterday afternoon in the ski resort of Mavrovo. Two men, one from each side, were injured in the fighting that occurred on the ski slopes and are being treated in Gostivar. The police hasn’t released details...

Macedonia 23.08.21 | 09:32

Intense bar fight filmed in Centar Zupa

Video of an intense fight in a bar in Centar Zupa, near Debar, was shared online yesterday. It’s visible that a dozen people are involved in the fight, throwing punches and chairs at each other. There is still no word from the police about what caused the incident, and if there were any injuries.

Macedonia Sport 26.04.21 | 17:09

Macedonian and Croatian fans got into a fight during a football match in Sydney

Fans of a Macedonian and a Croatian football club in Australia got into a fight yesterday, when their game was interrupted by a man running into the pitch. The Macedonian team – Rockdale Ilinden and the Croatian supported Sydney United 58 were playing at the Rockdale sports center in the National...

Macedonia 27.03.21 | 21:00

Mijalkov cousins arrested after a fight in a Skopje cafe

One of the sons of former security chief Saso Mijalkov, and his cousin, son of Saso’s brother Vlado Mijalkov, were arrested today after a fight in a cafe in Skopje. The two cousins, as well as others in their retinue, got into a fight with a 19 year old. Both were rounded up by the police. Saso...

Macedonia 10.08.20 | 10:33

Fist fight between two families erupts after a child was injured in a traffic accident in Skopje

Police had to intervene near Skopje’s “Ss. Clement” hospital, in the center of the city, after a motorist hit a child that was taken there for treatment. The driver was also injured and went to the hospital with members of his family, while the family of the child was there along with...

Macedonia 08.05.20 | 17:30

Two diplomats got into a fist-fight in the Macedonian Embassy in Zagreb

Two diplomats in the Macedonian Embassy in Croatia got into a fist fight, reports Vecer. Nazif Xhaferi, who is the charge d’affaires appointed by Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, attacked the third secretary Bashkim Misimi, and inflicted injuries on him. The incident played out in the embassy,...

Macedonia 07.06.19 | 21:56

Police arrests 200 Polish football fans after a massive pre-game fight

Macedonian police arrested some 200 Polish football fans who are in Skopje for the football match between the two countries. A fist fight broke out between Polish fans yesterday, in a downtown cafe, and today another fight was reported in the park in front of the Philip II stadium where the game takes...

Macedonia 26.05.19 | 18:31

Gallup poll shows 38 percent of Macedonians would be willing to fight for their country

A worldwide poll conducted by Gallup reveals that, in case of war, 38 percent of Macedonians would be willing to fight for their country. The results rank Macedonia similarly to other Balkan countries, and above the Western European rates, where the British, French and Czechs responded in the positive...

Macedonia 23.03.19 | 09:37

Knife fight in front of the SPO office

A knife fight was reported yesterday evening on the Franklin Roosevelt street in Skopje, in front of a bar close to the Special Prosecutor’s Office. According to the Netpress news site, several younger men were involved in the incident. The downtown area that was normally calm and peaceful was...

Macedonia 04.03.19 | 17:08

Fist fight breaks out in the chaotic clinic parking in Skopje

A fist fight broke out today in the chaotic parking in the Mother Teresa clinic in Skopje. A married couple in their 30-ies reported that they were attacked by an unknown person. The husband reported the attack to the police and asked to help locate the attacker. The clinic is notoriously difficult to...

Macedonia 24.02.19 | 11:04

Four Albanians injured in late night knife fight in Resen

Four Albanian citizens were injured in a fight which erupted in Resen on Saturday evening. Local media report that the Albanians were fighting each other with knives and three of them sustained stab wounds. The fourth men was taken to the Bitola hospital with head trauma. There is still no word on the...