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Macedonia 23.06.23 | 20:50

Kyuchyuk: Constitutional amendments in Macedonian parliament in two weeks

The procedure in the Macedonian Parliament over the constitutional amendments to include Bulgarians in the country’s constitution will begin within two weeks, claims Bulgarian Member of European Parliament (MEP) and Macedonia Rapporteur Ilhan Kyuchyuk. “The Government will submit the proposal...

Balkans 29.01.23 | 15:20

Kyuchyuk: As long as the rights of the people who are considered Bulgarians are not recognized, the tension will continue

There are external factors that don’t want Bulgaria and Macedonia to have good relations. These are the people who don’t want Macedonia to be part of the European Union. These are the people who don’t want our country to have influence because imposing a veto means that Bulgaria has no friends...

Macedonia 25.01.23 | 14:35

Kyuchyuk: Reimposing veto would be major mistake

Reimposing Sofia’s veto on Skopje would be a major mistake and it would worsen bilateral relations, Bulgarian Member of European Parliament and rapporteur for Macedonia in the European Parliament Ilhan Kyuchyuk told BNR. That would be a major mistake. The veto did not positively affect good neighborly...

Macedonia 21.12.22 | 15:42

Kyuchyuk: Macedonia has no other path but to be a part of the European Union

Macedonia has no other path but to be part of the European Union. Macedonia has no other path than good neighborliness. Both Bulgaria and Macedonia and Greece and Romania are too small to have their own role in the great geopolitics. Only by joining alliances, seeking friendship and good neighborliness...

Macedonia 12.08.22 | 14:06

Kyuchyuk: If the Bulgarians are not included in the Constitution, it will block Macedonia’s EU negotiations

If the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, conducts his campaign with views against Bulgaria and opposes the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution of the country, this will block the path of the Republic of Macedonia to the EU, said the Bulgarian MEP and EP rapporteur for the country, Ilhan...

Macedonia 16.07.22 | 19:21

Kyuchyuk: Macedonian Parliament making history today, the doors for EU membership of the country are finally opened

The rapporteur for Macedonia, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, believes that the Macedonian Parliament is making history today for the country’s European future.

Macedonia 03.02.22 | 15:54

Osmani meets Bulgarian MEP Kyuchyuk in Brussels

In Brussels, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani met with MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk, whom he says is a real lobbyist and representative for the country in the European Parliament. It is always a pleasure to meet the strong supporter of the EU enlargement process, but also a real lobbyist and representative of the...

Macedonia 29.01.22 | 16:55

Kyuchyuk: I believe new governments in Skopje and Sofia to continue on path of opening up opportunities for better understanding

Talks on the past are important, but so are talks on the future, said European Parliament’s Rapporteur for Macedonia, Ilhan Kyuchyuk at Saturday’s panel discussion within the conference BGMK: 2030 “Civic Contribution for Building Trust, Association and Community.” Emphasizing the importance...

Macedonia 18.05.21 | 22:18

Kyuchyuk: It will be very bad if Macedonia and Albania are decoupled

I believe that the EU will reaffirm the clear perspective for the Western Balkans at the June Summit. Here it is important for the region to be actively involved in the conference on the future of the EU. Young people will benefit the most from that, Bulgarian MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk, rapporteur for Macedonia...

Macedonia 25.03.21 | 20:50

Senior officials in Brussels: Dispute with Bulgaria remains condition for start of EU accession talks

The government and the opposition should cooperate on the European agenda, said the rapporteur for Macedonia in the European Parliament, Ilhan Kyuchyuk. During the presentation of the 2019-2020 resolution on the country, he stressed the need for continuous reforms and implementation of bilateral agreements. We...

Macedonia 05.03.21 | 09:49

EP report on Macedonia: Good neighborliness is part of negotiations, Agreement with Bulgaria must be fully implemented

The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has adopted reports on Macedonia and Albania’s EU progress. MEP and rapporteur for the country Ilhan Kyuchyuk told the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), said that the documents were adopted after a compromise was reached on the report on Macedonia. According...

Macedonia 20.02.21 | 09:58

Action Plan between Macedonia and Bulgaria in final stage, US urges that bilateral issues remain apart from EU integration process

After the Government announced that the harmonization of the joint action plan with Bulgaria is in the final stage, the US Ambassador to the country, yesterday Kate Byrnes referred to the dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria, reiterating that the US is committed to resolving bilateral issues between...