There are external factors that don’t want Bulgaria and Macedonia to have good relations. These are the people who don’t want Macedonia to be part of the European Union. These are the people who don’t want our country to have influence because imposing a veto means that Bulgaria has no friends in the Balkans and in the EU, MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk told BTV.

Kyuchyuk is adamant that they must insist on the rule of law and high democratic standards in Macedonia.

As long as the rights of the people who are considered Bulgarians are not recognized, the tension will continue, says Kyuchyuk.

It is necessary, Kyuchyuk adds, to encourage all attempts to reduce tensions, and this applies not only to the Bulgarian state but also to Skopje. A solution to the problems should be found.

He points out that Bulgaria has been in the European Union for 17 years and, he says, cannot join the bloc on important topics, including the provision of military aid to Ukraine and key EU reforms.

Our country is always in 27th place and we never propose initiatives, we do not participate in blocs, we do not put forward proposals to the European Parliament, says Kyuchyuk.