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Macedonia 04.01.22 | 10:40

City of Skopje denies allegations from SDSM over the New Year celebration

The City of Skopje denied claims from SDSM that it hired a company owned by mayoral candidate Petar Georgievski – Kamikaza to provide equipment for the New Year concert. The city informed that the spending for the celebration was greatly reduced as a number of companies decided to donate both decorations...

Macedonia 29.10.21 | 17:18

Georgievski: Mayor Silegov overpaid for public events, directed all public contracts to one company

Petar Georgievski – Kamikaze, the Levica party candidate for Mayor of Skopje, accused the incumbent Mayor Petre Silegov (SDSM) of grossly overpaying for the New Year celebrations in 2020. Georgievski is in the public events business and said that Silegov overpaid a million EUR for the celebration. Key...

News 21.10.21 | 12:30

Levica candidate Petar Georgievski calls on his supporters not to vote for Mayor Silegov

In an interview with Republika, Petar Georgievski – Kamikaze, the Levica candidate for Mayor of Skopje, called on urged his voters not to support incumbent Mayor Petre Silegov in the second round. The bass player for the Memorija rock band which was popular in the 1980ies and 1990ies, won 21,000...

Macedonia 25.08.21 | 10:15

Former rock musician will run for Mayor of Skopje with the backing of the Levica party

Petar Georgievski will run for Mayor of Skopje as an independent candidate supported by the populist Levica party. Known under the nickname Kamikaze, Georgievski was bass player for Memorija, a rock group popular in the 1980ies and the 1990ies. Polls show that in all areas with majority Macedonian population,...

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