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Macedonia 05.10.21 | 10:01

New census numbers bring Macedonia at the top with highest Covid-19 death rate in Europe

According to the initial census results, the Covid death rate in the country rose to 3,659 deaths per million inhabitants, while according to the old data of the worldmeter website, Macedonia had 3,218 deaths per million inhabitants, “Telma” analyzes. With this “census” increase,...

Macedonia 17.05.21 | 22:58

Macedonia ranks 6th in the world according to Covid-19 mortality rate

High doses of antibiotics, different hospital protocols, inexperience of staff in small towns – are among the reasons for the still high Covid-19 mortality rate in the country, according to some experts in a Sitel analysis. On the world map for monitoring the situation, Macedonia is on the high...

Macedonia 17.03.21 | 10:54

While Macedonia sees worst mortality rate in the world last week, the government is preparing a census

Macedonia has seen the highest spike in Covid-19 deaths in the world in the last week, according to statistics released by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health. Our country has recorded 111 percent increase in deaths between March 9 and 15, followed by Jordan with an increase of 65.8 percent. According to...

Macedonia 17.11.20 | 11:42

Macedonia has the highest Covid-19 mortality rate in both the Balkans and the EU

Statistics show that out of the countries in the region, Macedonia has the highest mortality rate. After Monday’s record high 40 deaths in one day, with a figure of 2.8%, Macedonia again has the highest mortality rate in the Balkans. Namely, the mortality rate is a percentage of deaths from the...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 22:16

Macedonia ranks second in terms of Covid-19 mortality rate in the region

In the region, the highest coronavirus mortality rate was registered in Slovenia, followed by Macedonia and Albania, the Montenegrin news agency MINA reported. The mortality rate in Slovenia is 5.65 percent, in Macedonia – 4.45 percent, followed by Kosovo with 3.19, Albania with 3.1 and Croatia...

Macedonia 13.06.20 | 20:36

John Hopkins: Macedonia with a catastrophic COVID-19 mortality rate

According to the analysis of one of the world’s leading universities, John Hopkins in Washington, Macedonia has a catastrophic mortality rate compared to all its neighbors and most other countries in the world. According to the map shared by the Secretary General of the Alliance for Albanians and...

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