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Sport 02.07.23 | 20:55

Doctor Sasko Kedev climbed Nanga Parbat

Distinguished Macedonian cardiologist doctor Sasko Kedev climbed the Nanga Parbat peak in Pakistan today. The peak is 8,125 meters high and is the ninth tallest in the world. Kedev was part of a ten strong team. He has already conquered Mt. Everest and the highest peaks on all continents.

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 20:02

44 migrants from Pakistan detained near Gevgelija

A group of 44 illegal migrants from Pakistan were detained near Gevgelja yesterday evening. The group crossed over from Greece. They are being processed in the Gevgelija migrant transit center.

Macedonia 15.06.20 | 14:31

Police finds 51 illegal migrants in house on the border with Serbia

A police raid on a house in the village of Vaksince, near Kumanovo, led to the discovery of 51 illegal migrants. The people were from Pakistan (38) and Afghanistan (13), and the group included six minors. Villages such as Vaksince, on the border with Serbia, are used by migrant traffickers to keep groups...

Macedonia 03.02.20 | 18:12

Macedonian – Pakistani gang charged with torturing migrants on the border with Serbia

One Macedonian citizen and three Pakistani citizens were charged with migrant trafficking. The group was followed in October and November 2019, when they kept migrants from India, Afghanistan and Pakistan in a house in the village of Vaksince, close to the border with Serbia. The majority ethnic Albanian...

World 31.10.19 | 10:55

At least 73 killed on Pakistan train after gas stove explodes

At least 73 passengers died when a train travelling from the Pakistani city of Karachi to Rawalpindi caught fire, BBC reported. Minister for railways, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, said the fire was caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder being used by passengers cooking breakfast. The blaze is thought to have...

Macedonia 20.09.19 | 11:32

Migrant from Pakistan hit by train, killed, near Gradsko

A migrant from Pakistan was killed by the Gevgelija – Skopje passenger train on Thursday afternoon. The 23 year old man identified as A.I. was hit by the train near the village of Nogaevci, in the Gradsko area, while he was walking on the tracks along with a friend, 30 year old R.M. A.I. was killed...

Macedonia 01.07.19 | 19:35

Five men detained for attacking migrants from Pakistan

Five people from Skopje were charged with assault on two migrants from Pakistan. The incident occurred on June 28th, near a gas station in the village of Trubarevo east of the capital. The men offered the migrants a ride to the border with Serbia in exchange for 200 EUR. When they agreed they were taken...

Macedonia 22.06.19 | 11:37

Migrant from Pakistan killed in a train accident near Demir Kapija

A Pakistani migrant was killed when he was struck by a train near Demir Kapija. The accident happened at 22:50 on Friday evening. The Gevgelija – Skopje cargo train hit the man, identified by the police as A.N., who was walking along the tracks. Migrants crossing the Balkans on their way to Germany...